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This website provides what I feel is the best information on reincarnation. It was originally launched in 1998 to support my independent film, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America," which aired on former PBS affiliate KBDI in Denver, Colorado in Jan. 2003. Later, rights for the United States and Canada were sold to Films Media Group, the media branch of Facts On File, which sells media to universities. This tells you that even though it was done on a shoestring budget of $1,300 (that's right, no zeroes left out), it was a serious effort suitable for use by academia.

The website continued to grow until it is what you see, today, with additional streaming video interviews, book reviews, articles, personal accounts, a News and Announcements page with an attitude, and two blogs--mine and my wife, Abby's. My blog is listed in the navigation bar in the left-hand column as "Updates," the name it has had since the launch in 1998. Abby is still in the astral realm after passing in March of 1841. She was my first wife and soul-mate in the 19th century, and I reconnected with her as an unexpected benefit of my past-life research. I began channeling her journal in late 2011. If this strikes you as implausible, I invite you to suspend disbelief long enough to get to know her. You will find she has her own distinct personality--funny, insightful and deeply caring. If you assume I am writing her merely as a fictional character (I admit my imagination is bound to enter in at times), you will note that her personality doesn't "evolve" from the first entries to the present day. Rather, she emerges fully-formed.

You can view the trailer for "In Another Life" here, and the program can be viewed in its entirety on,, or its IMDb (Internet Movie Database) page. Please note that the viral version circulating on YouTube is an older copy of an older version, probably copied from VHS tape, and that the color in the original film doesn't "bleed" like that!

After several years of intensive, rigorous research into a proposed past-life match of my own, I released an e-book entitled "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words" in June of 2012. New evidence kept surfacing, however, and I have continued to release new versions, like updated software (I think this is the method of the future, with digital books). If you purchase it through my online store, you will receive automatic updates. You can read about my research method in the Articles section of this website. This case, in my opinion, establishes the reality of reincarnation at least beyond a reasonable doubt (i.e., the legal standard), and it also pioneers a method which could be used by anyone, as described in detail in my article. A video interview of myself talking about the book is linked from the Interviews page.

This website as a whole functions as an educational resource in its own right. In the Streaming Video section you will find interviews with experts and experiencers. There are also written accounts of reincarnation experiences, taken from newsgroup postings (with permission) and private correspondence, in the Personal Accounts section. Taken together, they provide a type of proof in their own right, and they certainly offer a fascinating glimpse into how people are encountering reincarnation. In addition, you will find book reviews, some articles, and a section for teenagers (originally commissioned by the London Vedanta Society) suitable as seed material for class reports. You can also listen to a number of archived radio interviews I've participated in, as well as a show I hosted for 22 episodes, "Metaphysical Explorations." The News & Bulletins section is a page that's evolved over time into a place where I link to various reincarnation related articles and sometimes comment on them (occasionally with liberal doses of humor--which turned out to be quite similar to my past-life style of humor) and post any time-sensitive announcements. Finally, don't forget the Suggested Links section, where I've collected some fascinating information you're not likely to run across in casual net-surfing.

Best regards,
Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

To purchase a copy of "In Another Life" for your educational institution or library within the U.S. or Canada, see Films Media Group. To inquire about broadcast rights for "In Another Life,", or DVD and theatrical distribution rights (except for the U.S. and Canada), contact me directly. To purchase a copy of "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," see the supporting website.


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Interviews with the Producer of
In Another Life


Hardly one among thousands realizes that life lives, and death dies.

Inayat Khan, The Message Volumes of Inayat Khan



reincarnation page for teens
Reincarnation Page for Teens
(good for use as source material for reports and papers)


You are first a child, then grow old and drop the body, but you never die and never were born. In the East, Vedantists believe in reincarnation, in innumerable births and deaths, until one attains Godhood. The Muslims believe in one birth only and one death only. The Christians and the Zoroastrians the same. All are right. But Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Zoroaster all meant what I mean by real birth and real death. I say you are born once and die once.

All the so-called births and deaths are only sleeps and wakings. The difference between sleep and death is that when you sleep you awake and find yourself in the same body; but after death you awake in a different body. You never die. Only the blessed ones die and become one with God.

.Meher.Baba, As Only God Can Love by Darwin Shaw
(periods in front of ".Meher.Baba" to prevent Babel Fish from translating it)


Euell Gibbons, is that you?
A note about "transmigration," or the idea that
humans can reincarnate into animal bodies.


While we're at it, a note about the idea,
suggested by some reincarnationists, that
all incarnations are existing at the same time and can
influence each other or communicate with each other.


A note about suicide.


Members of the psychological professions and all other patronizing critics of reincarnation would do do a little self-examination and a little examination of their own unconscious assumptions before publicly condemning something about which they have not taken the trouble to inform themselves well.

Gina Cerminara, Ph.D., Many Lives, Many Loves


I'm bringing back a page from the In Another Life
website of 1998 (updated for style), that
I called The Lighter Side...



"The doctrine of metempsychosis is, above all, neither absurd nor useless. It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection."

Francois Voltaire, "Reincarnation: an East-West Anthology" by Cranston and Head; original source "Old Truths in a New Light" by Lady Caithness, p. 394.


poem about a near-death experience "Freedom," a
 poem inspired by a
 near-death experience.


The kingdom is like a man who had a hidden treasure in his field without knowing it. And after he died, he left it to his son. The son did not know (about the treasure). He inherited the field and sold it. And the one who bought it went plowing and found the treasure. He began to lend money at interest to whomever he wished.

Jesus, Gospel of Thomas, Nag Hammadi documents, passage #109, Thomas O. Lambdin translation


poem about karma and reincarnation "The Murderer," a poem  about karma and  reincarnation.


Historically, denial of valid evidence has never affected the validity of the evidence; rather, it has rendered obsolete both the denial and those who deny. If positivistic philosophy and materialistic science continue on their course of denial without investigation, they will join the other categories of obsolete and discarded beliefs.

Jerome Ellison, The Life Beyond Death



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