The following books by Stephen Sakellarios are available in three e-formats through MFW Books:

Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words

An eight-year exploration of my own past life in the 19th century, as author, humorist, mystic, and social activist Mathew Franklin Whittier. More information

Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own world
The sequel to the "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," documenting my visits to the places associated with Mathew's life in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including my past-life grave and the grave of Mathew's soul-mate, Abby.
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Twin Stars Descended: the true story of Mathew and Abby in 19th-century New England
A novel based very closely on historical research and past-life memory, about the relationship between Mathew Franklin Whittier and his soul-mate, Abby Poyen.
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Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit
How I reconnected with my soul-mate, my first wife in my 19th-century lifetime as Mathew Franklin Whittier, and continued our relationship across the Great Divide. More information

Soul-mate Songs: The poetry of Mathew Franklin Whittier and Abby Poyen Whittier
The mystical and humorous poetry of this soul-mate couple, rescued from obscurity and numerous plagiarizers. Never before published in any compilation with the correct authors' attribution. Includes commentary by Mathew's reincarnation, i.e. myself, providing the personal and historical context of each poem.
Also available through Amazon.com

The Deacon Stories of Mathew Franklin Whittier
A compilation, never before identified and presented to the public, of Mathew Franklin Whittier's hilarious deacon and pastor stories, as gleaned from the newspapers he submitted to.
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Eastern Mysticism and Psychotherapy: A Guide to Therapy from the Mystical Perspective
Written in 1980/81, when I was getting my master's degree in counseling at Florida State University, this was my attempt to reconcile the Eastern mystical teachings I had studied since 1974, with the theories I was learning in the program. The premise is that by understanding the hidden principles of spiritual growth and karma which are always at work in a person's life, and facilitating them, one can provide far more effective, lasting and spiritually beneficial assistance.

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