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My long-time public blog--frequently written on a daily basis--has been indefinitely suspended. It had been generating neither serious interest, nor e-book sales. Had it been doing the first and not the second, I would have continued it. As it is, the potential liability to my employment outweighs any benefits. I will resume it if interest in my work increases to the point that it is justified. In the meantime, my e-books are listed on the home page of this website. I have developed a very strong reincarnation proof-case, with many surprising discoveries as regards my hidden accomplishments in the 19th century. I am--and have been, for many years--strictly honest, and I know how to rigorously explore a reincarnation case, having carefully examined the best before I began my own study. However unbelievable my conclusions may seem at first glance, and however many false or sloppily-researched cases there may be out there muddying the waters, this one is for real. It is both rigorous, and entertaining. I await sufficient response to relaunch this blog, where I can answer questions from people who have eagerly immersed themselves in my books, and who want to know more. I do not believe in hype--even that hype which is, today, taken as normal advertising. Either people can recognize truth, excellence, depth and power in a genuine presentation, or they cannot.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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