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I have an early work shift today, and so I am really, actually, going to try to make this brief.

That psychic reading I had at the psychic fair yesterday continues to bug me. It suggests, to me, that just because you can communicate with spirits in the astral realm, doesn't mean you are a sage. Nor does it mean the spirits you are working with are sages, either. It means they have access to a kind of internet on steroids; and you can ask them to look stuff up for you. But as to their wisdom in interpreting it--and, the psychic's wisdom in interpreting it--that's open for grabs.

Now, this psychic said, at the outset, that we would "interpret the messages together." But that's not what happened--what happened, is that she (and, supposedly, the spirits as well) were trying to force their agenda, or their viewpoint, on me. The viewpoint was that the body is equal to the spirit; that when we are incarnate, we are here to be physical; that physical health can thus sometimes override spiritual concerns and values. In other words, so what if I am a vegetarian on principle--my blood type requires that I eat red meat. Just as an example.

Then, there was a hidden arrogance. She saw that I was exhausted, but instead of accepting what I told her--that it was a temporary condition due to stress, that I knew all about it, and that I wasn't concerned about spending the 15 minutes I had discussing it (said in so many words, or implied), she had to focus in on this issue, whether I wanted to hear it, or not. She saw my low energy condition, and at first interpreted that I had been taking meds; then, when I said I wasn't, she asked if I smoked marijuana; then, she pressed me to get into a relationship. In other words, instead of believing me that I had recently stressed myself out with absurd over-work on my MFW project, she took it as who I am or something I was doing wrong. That meant that out of 15 minutes, she only had time for one past-life glimpse that took, perhaps, a millisecond to receive.

Then, she got on about physical spiritual practices, because, in her view, spiritual efforts which didn't contain a physical component were all mental. That isn't logical, inasmuch as spiritual practices can be a nice blending of the head and heart, without the need for them to be physical. (She never made any mention of service.) This is a prejudice of New Age thinking, that you have to be chanting, or doing hatha yoga, or holding crystals, in order to engage the whole person.

So then, she got on me about interacting with higher spiritual beings. I told her that my astral partner, Abby (whose picture I showed her, to no effect) was "plenty high"; and I hinted that I have a guru. What I didn't tell her was that for over 40 years, I have been a disciple of the Avatar of this modern era, Meher Baba, who is far higher than any of the spirits she is in contact with. In fact, I suspect that even Abby is higher than any of the spirits she is in contact with, judging by the tenor of the reading. And that Abby, herself, was remaining studiously aloof during the entire procedure.

I say that, because in 2010, two different geniune mediums (one of them Lily Dale certified) were able to contact Abby (i.e., with her cooperation), and now that I have done nine years of intensive research, I see that they both got quite a bit of strongly evidential information. But when I saw famous psychics Lisa Williams and John Holland working together before an audience--at a time when Abby and I had first gotten together--neither of them singled me out, or, seemingly, were contacted by Abby. Oddly enough, I "met" Holland in the bathroom, standing at an adjaent urinal, before the show--and I noticed that at one point during the demonstration, he was staring at a large blank movie screen to one side of the stage, at something unseen. I have no idea whether any of that meant anything, but it was what the followers of my Guru would suspect was a "contact," made through me. (Meher Baba uses any opportunity, even the mens room, and he does, apparently, make contacts through his followers even today.)

The point is, if Abby initiates it, she can make contact through a medium; but if a psychic doesn't connect with her, that doesn't prove she doesn't exist. It merely indicates that she didn't make contact.

Finally, there was the strong inference that I am blocking my own success, based on fear of horrible reprisals I had experienced in past lives, when I spoke up. I admitted there might be some truth in that, because when someone suggests something you might be doing unconsciously, the only honest thing to do is to admit it's possible. But she "glombed" onto it, like "Aha! See, I told you!" However, I also know that what I did with it in the 19th century, was to remain under cover. In this lifetime, online, I am quite outspoken. And the result has been the same. I have looked at this issue very carefully, and I have concluded it is primarily a matter of being ahead of my time. I know that conclusion appears to be self-serving; but I have tried to be as honest as I can about it. Analyze it "every which way,"* and it comes out the same--my work is ignored (if not ridiculed or attacked), because I am ahead of my time. Even the New Age crowd isn't ready for it; and this, not because I, myself, am so advanced, but because I have somehow been favored to recognize a Guru who stands at the highest level of spiritual attainment.

But what of the people who, also, follow a Guru at this level? They, also, look askance at my work, but from the other side of it. A swami of the Ramakrishna Order stopped writing to me, when I told him of my relationship with Abby in the astral realm. My fellow-followers of Meher Baba, meanwhile, don't seem to believe me that I have identified and proven a past life in the 19th century. (I never get past that much, but they probably wouldn't believe Mathew Franklin Whittier's literary achievements, either.) This, in a group where past-life fame is probably more-or-less routine. Meaning, unknown to them--not that they walk around claiming it, but many of these people are truly august personalities.

So that leaves, what, the people specifically interested in reincarnation. But when I participated in an online group specializing in reincarnation research, they had no interest in, nor respect for, my work. There were two distinct contingents within that group--the scientists who had embraced the "Stevensonian" method (based on the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, who studied children with exceptional past-life recall), and what I will call the "dreamers." The dreamers will tell you, "Oh, that's nice. I was such-and-such famous person, and I know it because I have the same birthday," etc. In other words, they have accepted and identified with a past life, without doing a fraction of the confirming research that I have done. And they bring my case down to their level, and consider us equals. The "Stevensonians," meanwhile, don't consider any research method to be "serious research" unless it follows Stevenson's pattern. (I mean, the leader of the group actually said that.) This is like asserting that a carpenter isn't a real craftsman unless he uses a hammer for everything, like their hero. A hammer is quite handy for certain jobs, but it's not the only tool in the toolbox. You literally cannot make these people, many of whom hold doctorates, understand this principle.

Also in this group (i.e., the first time I participated in it) was at least one person who had strongly and logically proven her own reincarnation case. I thought for sure at least she would want to compare notes, and might reach out to me privately, but she never did.

So that leaves--nobody. And this psychic--having told me the reason I was "sad" as a slave in ancient Egypt, was because I had an advanced understanding which nobody suspected or appreciated--and agreeing that my pattern kept on repeating--still wondered why I sometimes get depressed, today. (Probably, it's because I don't eat steaks and chant mantras.)

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*I have experimented, especially, with self-confidence and positive attitude, which factors seem most plausibly to be causing my difficuties. However, it appears that the lack of self-confidence and negative attitude result from prolonged experience of being underestimated, rather than the other way-round. Mathew Franklin Whittier had a very positive attitude toward his future success, and lots of self-confidence, until it was crushed out of him by shunning, being scammed, and the death of his beloved first wife, Abby. Still, he persisted, and accomplished a great deal, but while struggling with these factors, as I do, today. For example, I can enter into one of these online groups with a positive attitude, taking care not to say anything negative or sarcastic, and still be underestimated and ignored; until finally I stand up for myself, at which point I am marginalized or pushed out. Only if I had played along would I have been accepted, into what Mathew used to call the Mutual Admiration Society.

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