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It is time, once again, to scrutinize the stats for this website, now that I have the complete figures in for the month of August.

First of all, the totals have dropped by at least a fifth, overall. Presumably, this means some large website has dropped its link to me; which may, in turn, mean that I offended somebody. The only thing I can think of which would have offended someone so strongly (i.e., aside from my usual outrageousness), is my sarcasm toward the Ancient Astronaut theorists. But what seems to have dropped is overall visits; not visits to the pages I care about the most. So if it is, indeed, Ancient Astronaut theorists I have offended, and lost, I have lost the people who understand what I'm doing, here, the least--in other words, the casual "gawkers."

Gawkers are fine, because they get an exposure, as it were. People have to have a first exposure to new information, then a second, and a third, and so-on--sometimes spread over decades, depending on their state of readiness. This is especially true of accepting criticism, but is generally true whenever someone fundamentally disagrees with you. So, fine, they've been exposed to my ideas, and those ideas can "percolate" on the back burner for 10 or 20 years, and they may come back at some point.

So now, let's take a look at the actual stats. Here's a screen shot:

Beginning at the top, we see my article on the possibility of continuing relationship with a soul-mate after he or she has crossed over, with 360 unique visits. That's more than listened to the theme music on my home page (which, depending on one's browser, may or may not launch automatically--it looks like it played 360 out of 803 visits). This is my wife, Abby's work. Her journal, which I do my honest best to channel for her, has been seen 226 times. I suspect that people on the other side are learning of her work, and figuring out ways to bring it to the attention of their earth-bound spouse.

Next we see the standard pages which have been on this website for years. I really haven't had time to add to them, or even maintain them, being so busy with my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words." These are the video interviews page, the "news and announcements" page, links, and my article about my Guru, Meher Baba.

In the 10th place is this page, the "Updates," with 243 visits; but perhaps 15 or 20 of these may be my own hits, as I check it online, since I have been writing entries every other day or so. Technically it is ranked higher than Abby's journal, but in reality it is probably running closer to parallel.

Moving down, we see my article on "Proving Reincarnation with a Method Anyone Can Use," which theoretically should support my book and make people interested in buying it; then, the supporting page for the book, itself, comes in at the 18th position, with 155 visits. Only one person appears to have actually looked at the book on the online store, and there were no purchases. Thus you can see the attrition--243 people (let us say) read this blog, 202 people read the article introducing my method, 155 people read (or "touched") the supporting page, one person actually considered purchasing it, while no-one actually did.

These are piddling numbers for the internet. Google appears to have shut this website down, as of several years ago. All of the traffic you see, here, is no thanks to them. And I suspect, without veering off into conspiracy theory, that this is intentional information suppression. While I may not have some of the indicators that Google's current algorithm wants, like social media, still, this is one of the oldest, largest, and most meticulously accurate websites on the topic of reincarnation in the world. Yet, it no-longer shows up at all on Google, for keyword "reincarnation"--despite the fact that some of my rival sites from many years ago, still do appear in the top pages.


What it means is that they are culling out the gawkers, and distilling it down to the elite visitors. That is making me stronger, not weaker. They are, in other words, precisely playing into my hands (if, indeed, it is intentional), because what I want, at this point, is not sales, but serious people. The harder it is for the masses to find this website, the more my percentages reflect serious seekers, in other words.

No-one is serious enough, yet, to purchase my book and eagerly immerse him- or herself in it. That will come, I believe. I'm going through the evidence chapters one more time--in fact, I broke off reading to pen this Update. It's long, and there's a lot of evidence to cover. But it's fascinating, and it does the job. If you see me making what seem like wild claims, they are fully and thoroughly substantiated in this book. And that includes having proven reincarnation.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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