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This is an addendum to yesterday's entry, and will make more sense if you read both.

Guess what I found on Ebay, this morning? My eye was drawn to it, though I was at first inclined to pass it by. When I began reading in it at random, I felt, "This is Mathew's work..." Meaning, my work in the 19th century, in this case, in 1856. I decided to mention it in my book, along with the slave auction description I spoke of in yesterday's entry. Abby has consistently, as it seemed, wanted me to present a "one-two punch," for the evidence in this book. So this was the "two-punch."

Here is the URL for the tract, on Google Books. You'll have to cut-and-paste it into your browser, as I have a policy of not inserting live links into these Updates:

If you have a little time in your day, take some of it to read an extended portion of this booklet. You will get a clear sense of the power of Mathew's intellect.* He used this weapon for some 40 years in the 19th century, from behind the scenes, for several progressive causes. Today, no-one would ever guess his presence in the history of that century. Not one pundit, not one scholar, has guessed what I have uncovered, here. Mathew was the dark planet circling the sun of 19th century reform. His presence can be inferred from the orbits of the other planets, if you know what to look for. I simply remembered being him.

Of course, I had to present this new discovery honestly, as something for which I had no real evidence of being Mathew's work, except that I had the intuitive feeling of recognition. Any number of abolitionists could have written it, in Boston. The feeling was so strong, however, that I bought it, at a relatively hefty sum. I have mentioned that I feel there will be a small museum dedicated to Mathew, someday; and if this is ever proven to be his, it will be an important exhibit.

Then I found it. In Mathew's various published works--of which I have over 600--he used the expression "go it" at least 12 times. You see, I have all of these works digitized, and I can search them for these key phrases. In one of his "Ethan Spike" sketches--the only pseudonym he is currently known for--he uses the exact same phrase as I found in the tract, "go it blind." I am quite sure he wasn't the only one using this expression, but it was like Mathew to suddenly lapse into such slang, even in the midst of a serious discourse. And this was clearly one of his favorites. But it is this, combined with Mathew's trademark sarcastic irony--at which he was brilliant--that comes very close to clinching it as Mathew's writing. Here is what he says as "Ethan Spike" in 1852. He is quoting from a series of resolutions:

6th. Resolved that it is the cents of this meetin to go it blind...

And here is what he says in the 1856 anti-slavery tract:

This "chivalrous" Kentuckian seems to have no higher estimate of the intelligence of the great body of working men--or what he calls "white negroes"--than to suppose that they must "go it blind," and vote just as their "employers" tell them to. But then, as they might not always fully understand their employers' wishes, and sometimes vote wrong, to avoid all risks, it is thought best, by him and his compatriots, that both black and white negroes should not vote at all.

This doesn't prove anything regarding my reincarnation claim, except that I sensed it was one of my past-life literary children before I found this passage with its characteristic phrase. But it nicely rounds out the discussion about Mathew's views on slavery. I knew that Mathew was ghost writing and writing anonymously for the Cause. What a pity if we had not had even one example of a tract he had published! Again, I think this is Abby helping to augment the power of the internet, with her astral "internet." Admittedly, it would have come into my Ebay "feed" because the listing contained keywords like "Abolition."

So, that's how it works...and that's why I can never say the book is 100% finished. I suppose even those people who might be inclined to buy it someday, feel that they might as well hold off buying it until they can set aside enough time for it.

That's fine. But I hope you will set aside the time, because if not, you will be missing a treat...

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*I know this sounds immodest, but there is plenty of evidence in the 600+ published works I have archived. The reason I allow myself to brag on Mathew, is that otherwise, when I make certain claims for him, people's natural tendency is to say, "Who is this guy?" So I am then put in the position that I must tell you who he was, i.e., to demonstrate that he was fully capable of the things I claim for him, even though he has zero fame.

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