I have just completed my introductory book, which came in at around 93 pages. I'm going to have it printed, so that when I give talks, there will be something to show and something to sell. But I've been feeling I should do this for years, and resisting it.

This is going to be readable, affordable, and above all, physical. In other words, it eliminates all the objections that people might have to buying my book--every objection, that is, except the one Abby tells me is the real problem, that they are scared to death of it. Scared to death, because they can sense that this is the real thing.

But, we shall see. The chapters are short, the writing is entertaining, the material is engaging. If the reader gets to the end and doesn't want to read some representative samples of Mathew's work, well, he or she will have already gotten all the rest of the material. But that reader will be missing out, because today, I just discovered another of Abby's short-stories. These were published posthumously by Mathew, about nine years after her passing, in the Boston "Weekly Museum." Somehow, I had missed this one, which I only discovered because I was looking up one of Mathew's sketches written as "Quails," and this was on the same page.

It's an excellent story, and furthermore, it's abundantly clear that this author was one of the original authors of "A Christmas Carol." But I'm not going to say any more about it. It remains a treat--Abby's treat--for anyone who purchases the book. I will have it available for sale, print-on-demand, probably within 2-3 weeks. I won't be able to take it to a talk I'm giving on the 29th of this month, but I'll have it for subsequent talks, and of course one will be able to purchase it online. I don't know that I will create an e-book of this one, though I might if it starts selling well. E-books are, apparently, sort of like "segues"--they were a great idea that didn't seem to "take" as well as everybody expected it to. Personally, I love e-books--but the myth of wanting to hold a physical book still holds sway for many people. I don't know how many times I've heard that, until I begin to wonder whether it's really their personal opinion, or it's just the "mass mind" speaking through their mouths.

The truth is, my two lengthly e-books are also interesting and entertaining. But this one is accessible as well. Never mind detective logic--that's for the big book. Here, I give you the conclusions on a silver platter, and then I move on to a totally new topic. We'll see if people like this better. But if Abby's' right, it's going to sell even worse (if such a thing were possible for a book that only sells one copy per year)--because the title is "Reincarnation Can be Proven." That should scare them--and if Abby's right, that they aren't buying now because they're afraid of it, this should eliminate even that one sale per year!

I'll announce "Reincarnation Can be Proven" when it's available. Someone I work with at Paranormal UK Radio Network has offered to proofread it, and to walk me through the self-publishing process, so I'm going to avail myself of his kind offer. That means, of course, I'm subject to his schedule, which may delay things a tad, relative to my driven pace of getting things done.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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