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The previous few updates were more substantive, and make more interesting reading. I am just adding a quick note, here, that I have received the scans of the 1851-53 newspaper, "The Carpet-Bag," and am going through them. So far, it is as I expected: some pieces written by Mathew Franklin Whittier (myself in the 19th century) which I hadn't seen, previously; some minor things explained, which require brief additions or revisions to my book. Mostly, I'm refraining from adding anything new, unless it's really necessary. There is no possible way I can make this an inclusive record, given that the number of Mathew's published works is now increasing beyond 550! So I have to give representative samples, and, of course, provide evidence for my reincarnation case.

If I run across anything really shocking by way of evidence, I may announce it, here. Then again, I may let the book surprise you. In the meantime, I would suggest either holding off, or purchasing through my online store, rather than through I suppose people like the ease and anonymity of purchasing through Amazon, but I can't provide revised editions through that venue, whereas I can, through my own online store.

I am keying in and proofreading each new piece I find, as I run across it. That way I don't have a huge job awaiting me when I get to the end of the volume. But that slows things down, even though I'm a very fast typist, and I think a month is a fair prediction on this. Meanwhile, immersing myself in this material throws me back, once again, viscerally and emotionally into my identity as Mathew. I can't explain this--it will be understood by people who have experienced it. I remember being Mathew through my feelings--his feeling-identity begins to bleed through. I recognize his written works immediately, not cognitively, but intuitively. Oh, well, I can't explain it, and half of you probably won't believe me even if I try. But it's a poignant and interesting experience.

Back to work...

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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