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In a recent entry, I indicated that I found evidence which finally proved, at least to me, personally, that Mathew had co-authored "A Christmas Carol." Very soon after I posted today's entry, I discovered evidence which proves, once again, to me, personally, that it was Mathew who wrote the poem, "The Raven." I have made these two tentative claims for some years, now. (I am not about to find evidence, tomorrow, that he wrote yet another famous work.) But proof has eluded me all this time. I did find one strong indicator that Mathew had told a close friend about it; but now, I found evidence that he publicly protested it, in such a way as to leave a historical trace.

Just as I opted not to share the previous discovery (except, privately, with my researcher), so I won't be sharing this one, now. It would look coincidental, or tenuous, to you. That's because you don't have all the information, not having read my book in its entirety. But I know the entire history. I know how Mathew's mind worked, and I know his habits. This was a coded message, left in a publication where it could be discovered by posterity.

It will be obvious, also, to people of the future who have read my book carefully and with an open mind. Once you understand how Mathew left these coded messages, this one is a no-brainer.

I don't mean to be coy, but after I shared strong evidence for my case being real, in the form of three past-life memories, with Dr. Jim Tucker, only to have him use sophistry against me in the name of scientific rigor, I really am not in a mood to share evidence with people who won't take the time to look at my entire presentation. That was the second time--it had happened precisely the same way, with Tom Shroder, author of "Old Souls." Keep in mind that I had videotaped interviews with both of these men, which put them in a very favorable light. It's not that I wanted my back scratched if my work was substandard--but I think I was dealt a pretty bad hand by them, given that they simply dismissed my work out of cynicism, after I had promoted their work.

So "shame on me" for being fooled a second time, as they say, but I'm done with that. If you want to see what I've got, you will have to pay the $12.00 and take several weeks to study my book with an open mind.

Meanwhile, I know I've finally got the goods for both claims.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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