Yesterday I was interviewed by Tom Spitalere on the "Essex County Ghost Project" show, in Haverhill, Mass., which was Mathew Franklin Whittier's hometown. This is community access TV; but you never know who might be watching. I think it went off quite well. It's only a half-hour show, but thanks to Tom's expertise, I was able to squeeze more information into that half hour than I have in some much longer radio interviews.

Next, I have a radio interview with Roberta Grimes coming up on the 13th, and I'll be giving a talk (my first) for the KRI consciousness center in Portsmouth, NH on the 29th. I have a talk worked up, but need to practice it, especially to time it out for length.

There's also the possibility that French Filmmaker Anthony Chene may stop by to film an interview with me. He tells me he's going to be in the area, and will try to fit me in.

So things are happening on that end of things. I'm aware that I have to impress people at every stage, at every one of these. That's the way that one thing leads to another. If you just do "okay," it doesn't work the same way, the "magic" doesn't happen. None of this is insincere--it just means I'm aware that I have to do my best for each appearance. So far, I think I've been able to do that. Half of it--or more--is in the preparation. The rest is self-confidence, which simply means, you know you're capable of it, so you just go do it.

I have Mathew Franklin Whittier's abilities in my hip pocket. I have absorbed--or I have blended myself--so much with that past-life personality, that I can literally draw upon that set of talents and abilities, when I need to. Mathew was described by his daughter, later in her life, as a "brilliant conversationalist"; he also studied debate in the Pnyxian Club in Portland, as a young man; and he was very knowledgeable about speech-making, being a reviewer of a lyceum series for many years. He also gave sermons for his Spiritualist church. And he had a strongly logical mind, and, he was a humorist. So I find I can indeed draw on these things. I, meanwhile, have an even deeper grasp of metaphysics than Mathew did, having studied the teachings of my Guru, Meher Baba, for many years. Mathew studied the work of every genius he could find; I immersed myself in a life-long study (and practice) of the teachings of one God-Realized Being. My approach in this lifetime, although it runs against the grain of Western ideas of education, is actually superior. I am reminded of a story of a "mast," a God-intoxicated saint, who carried a book around with him at all times, but wouldn't let anyone read it. When he died, the book was found to contain a repetition of one word--the name of God, "Ram."

Mathew started life somewhat cocky, aware of his own abilities, and ready to take the world by storm. Because he fought the status quo, he was crushed. He and Abby, both. They were shunned and persecuted, they lost both their young children, one after the other, and Mathew died embittered. I started out hopeful, but very quickly became cynical, falling into Mathew's world view. I have only recently broken out of it, with my most recent "push." I am neither cocky, nor discouraged. I am setting about getting the job done. Period.

That being said, it is like pulling teeth to arrange for guests on my radio program, "Metaphysical Explorations." It seems I can get them to agree, but it's very difficult to make all the arrangements. People take a long time responding--or, they've decided to back out--you can't tell which it is. Which means you have to decide how long to wait; and then, what to say by way of a reminder. And you have to keep any annoyance you feel out of it. Giving people the benefit of the doubt, still, you have to become the squeaky wheel in their busy life, which doesn't squeak quite so badly as to become annoying, but yet which squeaks just loudly enough, and just often enough, to compete with the other wheels which are vying for their attention.

I wouldn't have this problem if I was established in the public eye. It's being a newcomer (which I'm actually not) and a "little guy" which puts me in the position of begging for favors.

Note that I absolutely refuse to puff myself up. But I am in competition with thousands of people who think nothing of puffing themselves up. I just state the truth.

Here's the thing--getting off the topic of the radio show--that I've been trying to convey in a pithy way, for years. I tell people that I've proven a past life, in which I was the real co-author of "A Christmas Carol" and the author of "The Raven"--and that I can prove those attributions, as well.

Along comes someone who says (let me check--this is an actual claim)--that he is the reincarnation of Kit Carson, Hank Williams and Ramses III. People figure we're all nuts. Except that I asked this fellow what had led him to those conclusions, and he answered that he obtains the memories when he meets people and touches objects--and that he can substantiate it through astrology. Meanwhile, I've laid out 16 points of scholarship proving that Mathew Franklin Whittier accused Edgar Allan Poe of stealing "The Raven" from him.

In what sense are these two claims similar, except that they involve reincarnation and famous persons? In no way at all--they are diametrically opposed. And yet, people's knee-jerk reaction is to throw them both out. This isn't logic--it is CONDITIONING. Conditioning masquerading as the logical high-ground.

Got it?

I'll provide a link to the TV interview as soon as they post it online.

Oh, I should take a moment to report on end-of-the-month stats for this website. Unique visits are now running in the 400's (up from the 300's), and in one instance, hit the mid-700's. There's definitely an increase; and most of these appear to be for the home page. No book sales, however. With my new "push," it appears I am generating enough interest for people to check out the home page, and perhaps one or two internal pages, and then leave--not enough to induce anybody to look into it more deeply, or to open their wallets. However, there is also the matter of bringing my work to the attention of the right person or persons--an agent for speaking engagements, a patron, etc.

If I can find my way clear in my increasingly jammed schedule, I am thinking about writing a "lite" book on my research. This will just hit the highlights, kind of like my videos on "The Raven." I will provide some of the more outstanding proofs, and research discoveries. It won't prove the case--it will leave people in the titillating "I'm not sure" space, which publishers and the public seem to love. But it will be short enough to read in a reasonable amount of time, it will be entertaining (being the "best of the best"), and most important of all, it will be physically printable. I would really prefer that people read the full evidence thoroughly; but nobody seems to want it.

Very few are looking at those videos about "The Raven," either. I can flat-out prove this attribution, and it will only take a little over an hour of your time, and still people don't want it. It's nothing short of bizarre, to me.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I just did a count of all of MFW's published works--not including those which I'm not certain about--and it comes to just about 2,100.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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