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Today, I've finished going through the second year of "The Carpet-Bag," a "Punch"-like literary newspaper of the mid 19th century, that I contributed to heavily when I was Mathew Franklin Whittier. Even though I had to key in all the newly-discovered pieces, I was able to finish it ahead of schedule. There were a few big surprises, and lots of small ones. I found one more of Abby Poyen's early short stories, submitted posthumously by Mathew. Mathew married Abby in 1836; as she is my soul-mate, and I have remembered who I was, and what she meant to me, I reconnected with her via a medium in 2010, and have remarried her, still in the astral realm. That's another story, which is told elsewhere.

Now, because I have inserted so much new material into an existing narrative, I must go back and re-read the lengthy chapter it went into. This final chapter, where most of the evidence ended up going, is the size of a small book, itself. This can't be helped--but the material is fascinating, sprinkled with illustrations, and I have endeavored to make it as readable as possible.

This will probably take a few days; but when that is done--and I intend to try to read it with fresh eyes, which means not trying to read for two or three hours at a sitting--the project should be complete. I will probably take another week or two to let it "sit on the back burner," and perhaps do some spot-checking. Then, I think it's ready.

Although it has been frustrating, I am actually grateful that no-one has taken this book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words" seriously up to this point. I think the time is coming. I see, in my website stats, that very gradually, the number of visitors is increasing; and more than that, the hits on this blog are increasing; and, people are watching my video interview, and the psychic reading with Jeff Keene, which I describe in that interview. This is crucial, because there is a direct line of credibility from that reading, to my own reading with the same psychic, which establishes my own credibility. And for the matter of credibility, you might want to check out my radio interviews archive; because you will see that I was interviewed by medium Suzane Northrup. That is significant because she was one of the "star" mediums studied by Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona. And the reason that is significant, is that if she is really psychic, but I am a kook, why in the world would she invite me for an interview on her show?

Think about that...while I get to the business of re-reading this last chapter, as though I had never read it, before.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

P.S. 8/11, a.m.: I am now 64 pages in, and I find that it is well-written, clear and interesting. I am increasing the number of subheadings, so that the reader has convenient places for bathroom breaks. Meaning, that he or she can take it in bite-sized chunks if desired. But the content, itself, is as good as anything you will see on any TV mystery, fiction or non-fiction, in my opinion. The only fly in the ointment is that it does, actually, prove reincarnation by the time you finish it, which may be enough to frighten you into not purchasing it.--SS

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