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Back in 2006, when I was attempting to shop my documentary, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America" directly to professors in the fields of philosophy, religion, and psychology via e-mail, one of the fellows wrote back and accused me of using faulty logic. He tried to give me a lesson in logic, actually. And he was in denial.

I thought I'd offer a bit of reasoning, myself. You know that everything is connected. I'm going to leap over some points, here, because if I didn't, we'd be here all day--no, all month. That is done in my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words." I have no apologies to make for not filling in any gaps, today--rather, it is the fault of readers who refuse to read my book, and see the gaps filled in, there. I only ever hit the highlights in this blog. Shall we begin?

In my previous entry, I made it pretty clear, to anyone who is open-minded, that it was Mathew Franklin Whittier who actually wrote the humorous story which Samuel Clemens read at Mathew's brother's 70th birthday, in 1877, in Boston.

If Mathew wrote that story, then he also wrote "The Raven," which was stolen by Edgar Allan Poe. I've made a strong case for that, in recent entries, as well.

If MFW was the real author of "The Raven," then he was also the real co-author of the manuscript which Charles Dickens re-worked into "A Christmas Carol."

If MFW was the real co-author of "A Christmas Carol," then in year 2006, when I stated in this blog that I felt--not having studied the matter in the historical record--that in my past life as Mathew, I had had something to do with the writing of that work, this was genuine past-life memory.

If that was genuine past-life memory, then in year 2003, when I launched my documentary, and two years before I learned of MFW's existence, and I said in a public, online interview that I felt I was once one of the peripheral figures around the Romantic poets, that, also, was genuine past-life memory. (That interview is even now preserved on's "Wayback Machine.")

If this was genuine past-life memory, then I am, in fact, Mathew Franklin Whittier reincarnated.

If I am, in fact, Mathew Franklin Whittier reincarnated, then everybody reincarnates.

If everybody reincarnates, then reincarnation is a genuine phenomenon.

If reincarnation is a genuine phenomenon, then philsophical Materialism is wrong.

If philosophical Materialism is wrong, then 90% of our current science is a house of cards.

If science, and all other social institutions based on philosophical Materialism make up one gigantic house of cards, then as a society, we have been led down a path of profound and dangerous ignorance.

If, as a society, we have been led down a path of profound and dangerous ignorance, then 90% of the suffering and despair we see in society, today, may be the direct or indirect result.

If 90% of the suffering and despair we see in society, today, is a direct or indirect result of this ignorance, this gigantic lie we have been sold, then something has to give.

If something has to give, then either society will have to quit its addiction to this "drug" of philosohpical Materialism, or it will, like an alcoholic, hit "rock bottom."

I am like the uncle who is attempting to do an intervention with his alcoholic nephew. But let's get one thing straight. Whether society listens to me (and others like me), or whether it goes stubbornly on its own way and hits rock bottom, it's going to turn around sooner or later.


Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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