I don't normally date these entries ahead, but tomorrow I won't have time to do what I want to do, now--take a deep breath, look back and look forward, being at a clear transition point. This evening, I finished all the archiving for Mathew Franklin Whittier's published work, with the exception of converting one folder of pdf files into text files, which can be done at my leisure. To call it a huge project would be an understatement. I've been saying that I have "over 1,600" of Mathew's published pieces for a long time--but I'm betting it's now closer to 1,800. All of that is digitized; quite a bit of it is photographed as well as keyed in; and I have a significant number of printed originals. Everything is organized and bulk searchable (except the pdf's, and they will be). This is the sort of thing which normally takes grant money, and an entire team.

There is always more. If I were to scour all of the newspapers published in Philadelphia in mid-1849, I'm sure I would Mathew's work published there. Likewise, there are more of his reviews in the Portland (Maine) "Transcript, from the first half of the 1870's. But, enough.

I was running into the same ideas, redone with variations years later--I have basically his entire repertoire, now.

So I am closing that 10-year chapter of my life, and entering into what will hopefully become the public phase. I've been talking about this for years, but one of two things is happening, now, that wasn't happening, before. I've "kicked it into gear" in a very serious way--flat out self-promotion--and, I'm getting help. Help from Abby in the astral realm, and help from colleagues, here. And things are finally moving. I've brought back my radio show, "Metaphysical Explorations," on the much larger Paranormal UK Radio Network. After some initial difficulty lining up guests, that, too, is starting to break loose, and I have five excellent ones who have agreed to be on. There are others--bigger public figures--who may agree to come on, say, next year if the show is going well by that time. That's because I was totally honest with them about where I'm at, presently, and I suppose they could pick up on that. Also, I may not have heard back from everybody I've contacted so far. I've got one talk pending; and so I've put together a presentation, and bought a nice little video projector. I inherited a Windows XP laptop from a psychologist I used to be friends with; if I can, I'll put that into service for PowerPoint. It's ironic, because he used to live here in Maine, and while Ken has passed on, his laptop has "come home" and may be pressed into service once more.

I may be getting some attention for my claims that MFW was the real author of "The Raven." The videos are out there, and the evidence is very strong. It occurred to me today that, if you have read 1,600 (or, 1,800) of Mathew's works as I have, this evidence is air-tight. If it doesn't seem so to someone just being exposed to the videos, without knowing anything else about Mathew, then that is because they don't have the background I do. The videos are the best I can do at presenting the crucial proof-points, without the background. Some people have responded that there is too much speculation--but none of this, in these videos, is speculation. It is all deeply and solidly backed up--only, you have to read it. You can take my word for it, or you can read it, yourself. What you can't do--honestly and fairly--is refuse to read it, and still not believe me that it's backed up.

So, tomorrow noon I have an interview with a fairly large paranormal radio show, "Behind the Paranormal" with Paul Eno. I've met Paul, at a presentation he gave in Massachusetts recently. He's put me on notice that he will be asking some pointed questions. So tomorrow morning will be dedicated to preparation. I've just learned (though he says he had told me, before) that it's going to be audio and video on Skype, so that will be interesting. Live, too. No pressure! Actually I don't feel pressure. You can't eat, live and breathe one topic for ten years, and not feel prepared.

Then I have a community access TV interview three days after that; but I'll announce this one after the fact. No-doubt it will stream online.

Then, very soon after, I'll conduct the premiere of my own radio show, with Dr. Jay Lakhani, a physicist specializing in quantuum mechanics, and a leading voice in the UK for Hinduism. Very bright, dynamic fellow, and the show should be well-worth catching.

I think I'm going to have the show run every two weeks. Meanwhile, I'm pursuing a work-at-home job, which will keep me extremely busy--lots of hard hours for relatively little money. But about a year ago, Abby had given me to understand that my life would change so much, I would hardly recognize myself. I, too, have felt that I would be spending a lot of time at the Portland jet port. So what exactly is going to happen, is unknown at this point.

I can say this much. If anybody ever really takes me seriously, that in my past life I co-authored "A Christmas Carol" with my wife who now resides in the astral realm; and that after her death in 1841, it was I, not Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote "The Raven"--then I could find myself on top of a rocket. The trick will be to keep my balance and my priorities straight. I will need to become a public figure, in order to get this work out into the public eye sufficiently that Mathew Franklin Whittier's legacy is preserved beyond my lifetime. I see no other way to accomplish it. Perhaps I can help with the general awakening of consciousness--I will if I can, and first and foremost I will try to "do no harm." But at this point, I am aiming at that modest little museum, which will house MFW's works, and present the story of his life; the museum which will prevent all the work I've done from being scattered back into the world through ebay after I pass.

I do think that on some deep level, I've been afraid of this. Afraid of fame, afraid of the limelight, afraid of real success. Unless I want to see all my work disposed of in an auction, when I die and am watching from outside my body, I'm going to have to set all those fears aside, and do what's necessary. That doesn't mean anything low or unethical. It means I remain elevated, but just present with so much power, that it works anyway. What most people do with sensationalism and a 10th of the power, in other words, I am going to have to do without sensationalism or any dishonest tricks, but with 10x the power.

"What power?" you may ask. I really am the reincarnation of Mathew Franklin Whittier. I really did co-author "A Christmas Carol," with Abby, who is now guiding me from the astral realm. I really was the author, in that lifetime, of "The Raven." And I can prove all of this.

It only takes a touch to turn this from being a laughing-stock, to having 10x the power. It's just a step away.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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