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This will be short, I hope--I just had a couple points to make.

I had the "Ancient Alien" series running on the History Channel all day, today. It's easier than constantly switching between channels and my own DVD stash, to find something suitable for my Mom, who is 98 years old with severe dementia. I figure it can't whack her out any further than she already is.

Today, in practically the same breath (well, definitely in the same show), they said that aliens abduct women, forcing them to undergo frightening, painful and invasive medical procedures; and that it was aliens who handed the Ten Commandments to Moses.

And the enormity of this absurdity didn't even occur to them. The one fellow went so far as to say there is "NO OTHER WAY" to explain it.

Let this sink in--intelligent, educated people tell us that the beings who gave Western civilization the very basis for its system of morality and ethics, abduct women like so many Nazi doctors.

That was the first thing...the second is that I am on-hold for my researcher to access the rest of a newspaper that I worked for, in my past life as Mathew Franklin Whittier, when I was only 18 years old. Now, I have that period in Mathew's life all extrapolated out. If I have it right, he will not be living in New York City (where the paper is based) in the fall of 1830; but he will return to New York by mid-December. Riding on this is the scenario I have developed regarding his future wife, Abby--now 14 years old--beginning her tutoring sessions (tutoring him) during this time, developing a secret crush on him, and being angry at him when he returns to New York. If I am wrong, then I may have misattributed the poetry which I believe she wrote about it (and hence, a great deal more written under those initials).

What I know now, is that in the summer of 1830, he appears to be taking over the editorial page of that newspaper--the New York "Constellation"--for several issues in a row. But then, in August, he stops; and so do my available copies. In a week or so, I'll get the rest of them (in digital form). And I will see whether he only contributes occasionally by mail, or if he resumes full control of the editorial page--at the same time he is supposed to be getting tutored by Abby. If that proves to be the case, I will have some fancy explaining to do.

All this goes to what paranormal writer Chris Carter, quoting scientific philosopher Karl Popper in his book, "Science and Psychic Phenomena: the Fall of the House of Skeptics," calls "falsifiability." A theory is falsifiable if it can be proved false; in other words, if there is anything which will convince the theorist that the theory is wrong. That sounds obvious--but pseudoscience is rife with theories which can never be proved wrong. No matter what the evidence shows, it can be wiggled around until it fits the theory.

Even if aliens give us our system of moral principles, and proceed to poke needles into the ovaries of terrified women, still, the theory of Ancient Aliens stands firm.

Well, waiting for evidence which could blow my theories always makes me nervous. But it occurred to me that Mathew comes from a farm family. His brother, who is not really physically able to do heavy farm labor, is back at the family farm in Haverhill during this time, with his sister, mother and aunt, trying to make do. They are not so happy with him being gone; but in any case, he will have to return to help at harvest time. So if he has stopped overseeing the editorial page in mid-August, probably he is returning home to help with the harvest. So probably I am safe enough--that is, if I am correct that it is Mathew working for that paper.

But I will be honest about it--with myself, and with my readers. If I turn out to be wrong--if Mathew (or someone) is clearly managing the editorial page, or writing about living in New York City, precisely during the time that I have him being tutored by Abby for the first time, then I will have to eat humble pie and tell you.

Somebody tell the Ancient Astronaut theorists about their blunder, okay? I don't think they'd be particularly happy if I did it.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.



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