For the past two days I've been working on a video entitled, "The Top Ten Pieces of Evidence that Mathew Franklin Whittier, not Edgar Allan Poe, Wrote 'The Raven.'" It's uploading to YouTube as we speak.

Now, I'm accustomed to being ignored. But then, I was accustomed to doing caretaking work, and a whole lot of other karmically-determined things which seemed as though they would never change. But I'm not doing caretaking work anymore; and I have a hunch I'm not going to be ignored anymore. Because this is real evidence, and people who won't read a page of print, will watch a video. It's a pretty good video, if I say so, myself. I was in that field for about 15 years. I bought an old copy of Adobe Premiere Elements for $10 on Ebay, and it worked.

Of course, I had to suspend writing to the English professors for a couple of days. I got one more response this afternoon, but as I glance over the letter I sent him, there is nothing woo-woo or scary in that one. These aren't bad people; they just won't respond when you say you are the reincarnation of anybody; or you say that in your past life, you were the real author of a world classic.

Except that I sometimes wonder whether some of the know I may be right. They've probably secretly wondered about it, themselves. As I've said before, Poe's essay, "The Philosophy of Composition," has that acrid smell of bullshit about it, so that if a student handed in something like that, the professor would usually mark a big red "F" on it. They're not stupid. They know, on some level, that Poe's essay is of the same variety. And if that's bullshit, and if he didn't write the poem, someone else had to have written it. But until now, nobody knew where to look. I simply came at it from the other side--I had the "who" question already solved. I just had to solve the "how" and "why" questions, and those aren't nearly so difficult, if the theory is correct. Because if you have the right author, the back-story is bound to be there.

Still, even though they might secretly suspect I'm right, they won't touch it with a ten-foot pole. As I vaguely recall Linus saying in one of the Charlie Brown programs, "Toooo dangerous!"

But they will touch this. Because I'm going to plaster this video all over the internet, and it has a good chance of going viral. I'm going to send this thing to everybody, and provide links to it everywhere. The thing is, the evidence is really there, and it's powerful. There are two elements to denial--the first is the superficial layer, which says, "It can't possibly be true, so I won't bother to look at it." The second, underneath, says, "It had better not be true, or my career and the careers of a whole lot of other people are screwed." That's the professors. Now how about everybody else? Well, it's going to cost a lot of money, but it's also going to create a lot of jobs. I'm serious--think about it. How many textbooks are going to have to be revised? (They might want to wait until they investigate my claims about "A Christmas Carol," because that's probably in the same textbook.) But that's not all. There are plays, and references in popular literature; and even films. There are curriculum plans in grade school. There are published papers. There are internet articles, and blogs to revise, and blogs to write, and newcasts to air.

This thing could be a lot of trouble.

It all depends on whether or not I'm blowing smoke about my evidence. I'm not. That doesn't mean a person can't view it, and go into denial. He or she will come out of his room, and say, "It doesn't prove anything, I'm not impressed." But people can go into denial about anything. I remember an awful case I heard about, once. A man and his wife were staying overnight at the house of their friends, another couple. The male visitor happened to meet the wife who lived there, coming down the stairs to get a drink of water or something. On impulse, they fell to it on the couch. The woman's husband caught them in the very act, but the man was able to convince him that nothing had happened.

So anybody can go into denial about anything, and you can't stop them. But aside from that psychological phenomenon, my evidence is good. In fact, once I completed the video, I realized just how good it is.

Now, this is one of those situations where the crazy person actually turns out to be the sane one. You've heard of the psychiatrist who tells his patient, "One or the other of us is crazy." But this time, it's the authority figure who is going to turn out to be crazy. Why? Because Edgar Allan Poe was a sociopath, and sociopaths are brazen enough to tell the big lie. As near as I can tell, Poe wasn't a very good poet, period. All the good pieces he claimed, were stolen. He built his reputation artificially on plagiarized works. Not poetry only, because "Some Words with a Mummy" was originally Mathew's, too. It's heavily revised, but it bears the stamp of literally hundreds of similar productions I have of his.

Why was a poem so good as "Annabel Lee" not published until after Poe's death? Had he written it as he lay dying? Hardly. He got it from Mathew at the same time he got "The Raven." But Mathew must have been able to prove his authorship of that one--and because it was deeply personal, he must have told Poe--"publish this one, and I'll come after you." So he didn't dare. Instead, he published a bunch of poems which were amateurish in comparison. That ought to tell you something...

Well, I'm excited about this. I've been excited dozens of times before, and nothing has come of it. As Mathew liked to say, "all remained dormouse." But I think this is a new day, for me. I have another interview (of the pre-recorded variety) coming up Monday--and another in the UK a week after. I'm "go" for a TV interview in the next couple months, and perhaps a second one. And there are two fairly big shows I have tentatively lined up. I'm going to re-contact them with these others already under my belt, so one thing will build on another. And I also have this video to show them.

I'll post the URL to this video on my main Updates page, and probably also on the home page, as soon as it's uploaded and I get a chance to check it.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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