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The last several entries have been substantive--all are preserved in the Archives (link at the bottom of the page). I have given real evidence for both Mathew Franklin Whittier's authorship of some now-famous work, stolen by a plagiarist; and, I've demonstrated how past-life intuitions come to me, unbidden, when I am exposed to previously-unknown snippets of my past life as Mathew.

Now I have the whim to lighten things up, a bit. Since moving to the Woodford's Corner neighborhood of Portland, Maine about three months ago, I've gotten into the habit of taking walks. This is an old neighborhood, and it's a kind of fairyland of Victorian-style houses (I use the term generically--most are probably Edwardian, but at least one goes back to the 1850's). It's a "fairyland" in more than one sense, because, like Lynn Woods in Massachusetts, which I visited, recently, there's something "fae" about it. The astral world seems just a tad closer, here.

So, recently, when I was just getting over a cold and took a walk for the first time in several days, I thought I'd grab a few shots, and give you a pictorial tour around the area. This isn't my best photographic work, and yet, I was able to get a few that I think express something, artistically. That's a good thing, because I don't think I'm doing much with the artistry of words, this morning!

Whether or not you believe me about reincarnation, or Mathew Franklin Whittier's authorship of, say, "The Raven," how about we just take a walk around Woodford's Corner?














Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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