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Continuing with yesterday's theme...

I think there are two reasons why the public--or even the select public--dismisses my work off-hand. The first is what appears to be my lack of credentials; and the second is that it exceeds their "boggle threshold."

Regarding the first, I have credentials, alright, but those, also, exceed peoples' boggle threshold. I have been a disciple of this era's Avatar, Meher Baba, since 1974, and I have studied his teachings deeply. In my 19th-century lifetime as Mathew Franklin Whittier, I obtained a very deep and broad liberal education, through the tutoring of my first wife, Abby Poyen (who had been privately tutored, and was brilliant); and then through my own assiduous and continual efforts. In that lifetime, I either remembered, or was told of, an even-earlier lifetime as a "Jewish high priest." And there were others which I have had intimations of, without proof, in this lifetime.

So I am no spring chicken in the philosophy business; but none of those credentials will register on your radar, so they are as naught. What will register, is that I hold a master's in Counseling and Human Systems, from Florida State University, graduated 1981, unused professionally; and I produced the documentary, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America," as well as having been webmaster of this website since its inception in 1998.

Regarding peoples' boggle threshold: again, my long-time discipleship to the Avatar of this age. That I have proved my past-life as Mathew Franklin Whittier via a preponderance of the evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt. That I have remarried Mathew's first wife, Abby, his soul-mate, across the Great Divide. That she and I were the original authors of "A Christmas Carol," and that I, as Mathew, was the original author of "The Raven." And that it was Mathew's work, being stolen, which launched a dozen lesser literary careers during his lifetime; while he, himself, remained studiously incognito. That he operated as an undercover agent for the cause of Abolition, probably reporting directly to William Lloyd Garrison, and met with a great many influential people in this capacity and also as an author. People like William Makepeace Thackeray, and Victor Hugo, for example, as well as the President, Daniel Webster, and a number of governors and other heads of state. That he was personal friends with many of the leading reformers and literary figures of his day, like Frederick Douglass, Elihu Burritt and Alonzo Lewis. That he was, in short, an invisible force to be reckoned with, operating always behind the scenes.

I didn't remember these things--I only felt them, dimly, when I began my research. They all emerged over the course of my eight-year investigation. I started out citing some of them, in this blog, as feelings and hunches; then, as theories. Only when I had amassed enough evidence to be reasonably certain, did I began citing them as either probabilities, or facts.

The knee-jerk assumption--the reader's instantly-adopted theory--that I have asserted these things in a grandiose spirit of self-aggrandizement--simply doesn't hold water, if examined closely.

Earlier this morning, walking on the beach, I enjoyed watching the schools of tiny fish--presumably, fry of some larger species--which have the habit of letting themselves be washed up on the shore, for some unknown reason of feeding or exploration. But as the wave recedes, they scurry back just in the nick of time. Occasionally, they cut it a little too close, and they have to lie on their sides to wriggle furiously back into the ocean; and on one occasion only, I saw one become stranded, at which time I intervened and threw him back in.

Many things in Nature can teach us, if we are receptive. It has to be that way, because everything in Nature is a reflection of the Universal Mind--including intelligence, and humor. So these fish, to me, illustrate the principle, that it is fruitful to go out of one's accustomed world as much as possible without getting stranded. Take it right to the edge, but not over the edge. It thus occurs to me, that even well-intended people, coming upon my presentation, may feel like this "wave" is washing them too far up onto the sand. They must "scurry back"--some of them on their sides! And that is as it should be. I can't argue with them on that. Do what you need to do.

If my audience, today, cannot embrace my work and its findings, well, there are other fish in the sea.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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