Last Monday I did a two-hour interview with Paranormal UK Radio--and when I say two hours, I mean, straight through, no commercial breaks. Now, suddenly, I find that I am their new production manager. It's an unpaid position, which involves uploading shows, graphics, etc. But I may sit in as a co-host once in awhile. Oddly enough, everything in my background, including my old Blogtalk Radio Show, "Metaphysical Explorations," seemed as though it was tailored as preparation for this. Not only that, the two principals of the network were people probably known to me in the 19th century.

I am still training for online transcription for extra income. That's a steep learning curve, not for the transcription itself, but to learn their format. Basically, it's precisely the opposite of how I would normally do everything, and have done it for years. It's like walking into a house where instead of the toilet paper coming around over the top, like it's supposed to, they want it falling down behind--and so with everything little thing in the entire house.

The technical aspects of the radio show don't look too hard, so long as I have instructions to go by. It's pretty-much what I've been doing for years with this website, only what I do here is more basic, and more in "manual mode."

So that's a big change. It should be a lot of fun to associate with these other paranormal folks, and it may lead to some contacts. If I ever want to speak at conventions, probably the only way to do it is to network into it.

If you see Abby's lovely hand in all this, you probably wouldn't be mistaken.

Don't let me get off track, here. She really did have lovely hands, and feet as well. Mathew comments on them, but then all boyfriends and husbands would say the same. I remember it emotionally, intuitively. I knew it before I found Mathew making references to it.

A little digression, there...

So my entire life is changing, and I feel that things are being steered, or guided--but it also feels very uncertain. I am living on savings at this point, and whatever sells on Ebay. I'm working very hard at things that aren't generating any income. That includes composing individualized e-mails to English professors. I'm now in the middle of Great Britain, and they are giving me the same condescending cold shoulder that the Yanks did. Likewise the Facebook page dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe which the moderator permitted me to join, even when I explained that my purposes was to present information that MFW was the real writer of "The Raven." I presented the link to my new video on the subject--and they completely ignore it, and me. I mean completely. I might as well not be there.*

In a way, this is to be expected--but I think it's more extreme than I expected. The instant, unthinking conclusion that I have to be crazy, is so powerful a compulsion, that it doesn't let in even a glimmer of a thought that what I'm saying could be true.

Now, this is simply the result of a con-artist's deception. He succeeded so completely, that we, each of us, every man, woman, and child, knows that Edgar Allan Poe wrote "The Raven." It is unquestionable. And yet, he didn't. So what does it take for the truth of a thing to break through lies which are this deeply-entrenched? I'm not sure. I believe that the truth shall win--but I am not seeing any sign of it, at this point. I am simply the butt of jokes--jokes I can imagine, without actually ever hearing them.

But let me tell you how this might go down. It is like trolling in the Gulf Stream, which is something I used to do as a teenager. You sit there with a baseball cap on, in your shorts, and a Coke within easy reach. You talk, or you wait, and you gaze at the horizon, and the deep blue water and the white foam, and the clouds, and you scan the water for fish, and you wait...and you wait...and you wait...and you wait...

But if you catch something, it's likely to be quite impressive. A sailfish; a barracuda; a wahoo. Suddenly you have a fight on your hands, and there's a frenzy of activity!

Trying to get someone to take me seriously about my past-life legacy is like this. Nothing will happen until it happens. If and when it happens, it's likely to be big.

In the meantime, if you tune into Paranormal UK Radio, you may hear my voice. I know what I'm doing as an interviewee, and as an interviewer. I've been on both sides of the fence, and I feel comfortable and confident in both roles.

It turns out these folks all know each other. The wonderful pair I interviewed with awhile back in Portsmouth, know the folks from Paranormal UK. They, in turn, know another paranormal show, which will be doing their preliminary contact call with me tomorrow. Which means, I'm accepted into the larger network of paranormal broadcasters and researchers. It may take time, but the way Abby seems to be making these connections, it is not at all impossible that I may be speaking at some conventions by, say, the end of this year. Which Abby has, in fact, been telling me about as a likely future for me.

The timing is fine-tuned by Abby and those working with her (she says we have a team, now). Precisely when it would work best for one of these professors to take me seriously, I don't know. Perhaps not until I am well-established on the paranormal side. Keep in mind that they don't have to react now--it can dawn on them at any time, when they just happen to run into the right stimulus.

Oh, I saw one of the most ignorant statements I've ever seen in a college, today. The parapsychology research branch of a major British university, has a head researcher who says he doesn't believe in anything paranormal, and that he has been able to explain (i.e., explain away) every single paranormal phenomenon he has studied.

The logic is circular. If he already knows that there can be no such thing as paranormal phenomena, because everything that happens has a rational, normal, material explanation, then he will find what he believes. He cannot get any other results. That he has never gotten any other results, in other words, tells us far more about his bias, than it does about paranormal phenomena, themselves. Perhaps he has a material explanation for Gordon Smith getting a person's first, middle and last name, with no guessing, prompting or cheating; or, getting the uncommon song a subject's mother used to sing to her, as a lullalby, when she was a child. I have seen him do both on YouTube, and so can you.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*Later this same evening, I did get one brief response, from someone who says (regarding "Annabel Lee") that it's "interesting," and that he has heard of it before. That in itself is interesting, as I am the only source from which he could have heard it.


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