Years ago, back in 2003-04, when I did radio interviews promoting my documentary, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America," I used to worry that I would get a disrespectful host who would ask aggressive, trick questions. But all of the hosts were so friendly and supportive, that I forgot about it. Just now, I ran into one.

I should have suspected it, because the last time it was scheduled, they literally stood me up--and after I wrote them, they answered with a very terse reply, that they would have to reschedule. This was supposed to be a video Skype interview. They connected at the rescheduled time--this evening at 7:00--and announced it would only be audio. So, that's fine.

But then he began asking adversarial questions, and asserting his own contrary viewpoint, and--as I gather--trying to trip me up. I handled it very well--Mathew wasn't a member of the premiere debate club in Portland, for nothing--but at one point, he started referring to my Guru (not by name, but the idea of having one) in a sarcastic tone, and I simply told him, right there in the recorded session, that he was being disrespectful. His reply? It was his show, and he had a right to be disrespectful if he wanted to, or words to that effect.

Well, he didn't. I ran my own internet talk show for 21 episodes, and I was never disrespectful with any of my guests. One is still a human being, answerable to the same standard of ethical behavior, whether one happens to be in the position of a show host, or not.

When the show was over--if it was over--he cut me off without so much as a "have a nice day thanks for being on the show." At first I thought maybe we'd lost the connection. So I won't be surprised if he writes me another terse note, saying he has decided not to air iy. But really-speaking, I hope he does. Because I want people to see how I handle that sort of thing. It brings out the best in me, I would say, and the best information.

I never get on those shows with the idea of saying anything about my Guru. But when I am asked questions that range outside of my personal knowledge and expertise; or when I am otherwise pushed into it, I will bring his teachings into the discussion. In this case, the host wouldn't let it go, and I ended up saying way more about my Guru than I ever intended to. That, in itself, is interesting. I don't know where he was coming from, but I'm beginning to suspect he's a mainstream Christian who has set up a paranormal talk show with the express purpose of discrediting New Age people. I've noticed that they seem to have created a fake "Anonymous" channel to put forth their agenda, so it may be something like that. Perhaps he thinks of himself as a sort of right-wing Howard Stern, but he didn't do a very good job in this instance. He may be able to intellectually beat up on some poor innocent New Age flower child, but he didn't know who he was up against when he tried that crap on me.

As said, I really do hope he runs the show. I'd like to download it and make the link available for my website visitors...

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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