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This morning, after more than a month of spot-checking my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," I could hardly find any errors. I tweaked a couple of things, but clearly, I am really, actually, finally, coming to the end of this 7-year project.

I can't even begin to express how pleased I am with it. For a long time, I had concerns that, having grown organically (and exponentially) with so many new discoveries and research breakthroughs, it had become unwieldy and unreadable. I think over the last several months, I've resolved that question. It still takes a sincerely interested and motivated reader, and also an astute reader. But that's nothing new. Perhaps it is contra-indicated for the present world of sound-bites and website clicks. But things cycle around. The day will come again, when people are not satisfied with the surface of things. The day will come when a person will immerse him- or herself in a worthy book for several weeks, to digest and absorb it properly. The day will also come when not everything a person reads must be pre-cooked and pre-digested.

This book proves reincarnation. It certainly isn't the only, or the first, to do so. But it may be unique in the depth at which it explores a single case. I have a penchant for directly pointing out all the inferences, interconnections, and implications that I see, leaving nothing to the reader. But I have a hunch I have not even scratched the surface of the multiple layers of meaning that people will perceive in this work, in a future when it is taken seriously. Because the journey I have gone on, is everybody's journey. It is our journey, both individually, and colletively. And it is a journey which has been studiously ignored by a Materialism-addicted 20th and 21st century.

This book also sets Mathew Franklin Whittier's legacy straight. He hid his light under a bushel, almost to the degree of committing deliberate "legacy suicide." I know why he did it, just as, intuitively, and emotionally, I immediately know why he did everything he did. I have full subconscious, emotional, intuitive past-life recall of this lifetime. This is what enabled me to correctly interpret the historical information, where others (including, on occasion, my researchers) failed to do so. I knew what he was feeling, why he was doing what he did, and what he plausibly would--and wouldn't--have done. I intuitively knew the back-story, in other words. And while errors in the historical record may have initially thrown off my speculations--as I applied erroneous assumptions to my intuitions--in the end, Mathew Franklin Whittier emerged precisely as I felt he was.

I feel that there is some kind of invisible "seal" on this book. The arbiters of reality--the gatekeepers who pronounce what is legitimate, and what is not--have not approved it. People seem to pass it by, confusing it with every "Tom, Dick and Harry's" preposterous claim, or conspiracy theory. This is like passing a diamond in a heap of marbles. Perhaps one or two will notice a gleam, and look further. Someday, however, I predict that it will come to the attention of a Society which has matured enough to recognize its value. By that time I may be gone from the world's stage, as Stephen Sakellarios. And when I return, perhaps people will be incredulous that I could be Mr. Sakellarios's reincarnation, as well!

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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