I am so busy, today, multi-tasking like crazy, but I want to share something I just ran across. I have been processing my most recent "finds" from my visit, yesterday, to the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Mass. I'm into the Berkshire "American," edited by Asa Greene, whom Mathew will write for in New York, starting in late 1829. Now, it is 1826/27, and he is submitting work (as I believe) to Greene's first paper, the "American," when he is only 14 years old. It's this I want to prove, if possible, but Mathew is writing under one-off pseudonyms, chosen to reflect the topic of each piece. So I can't identify him by pseudonym, here--I have to go by style.

I just ran across the piece that I'm going to share, in a minute. I don't know what exactly he is referring to, but apparently he had made a spelling error in another article, and someone has personally confronted him about it. Perhaps it was intentional--such that he had hinted at a swear word, but had not quite spelled it properly, so that the matter remained safely open to interpretation. Mathew loved to do this--one of my favorites (not necessarily original with him) was "orfis seekin'," which doubled as "office seeking" and "orifice seeking" (basically the same difference, in his opinion).

Here's another example: writing an open letter to President Lincoln, as his Archie Bunker-type racist, "Ethan Spike," he mock-praises a letter from the Mayor of Boston, calling him the "Mare of Boston." This was published in 1862.

Without further ado, this is--as I believe--Mathew's response to those most-helpful Censors who have recently pointed out some egregious spelling error to him, published (by his sympathetic friend and mentor, Asa Greene) in the Jan. 4, 1827 edition of the Berkshire "American." You will be looking on the right-hand column, to start, under "A Card." Page One Page Two

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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