The Skype interview I was anticipating in my previous entry never came off--they literally stood me up. Not only that, they had only the terse comment, when I wrote asking if they had had technical problems, "Yes. We will need to reschedule." No response to a subsequent e-mail I wrote them, and that was a few days ago.

Do you think they got offended, or scared--or do they just take their time about these things?

I did, however, have another interview, on Beyond Reality Radio. The link is on my regular Updates page. That one went very well, but there were so many commercial breaks that I could hardly develop a train of thought before it was time for the next break. I was pleasantly surprised with the host (the famous co-host, from "Ghost Hunters," wasn't on that night). He didn't get around to asking me for the evidence that Mathew Franklin Whittier had been the real author of "The Raven," until after the recording was over. I told him--i.e., privately--and he was impressed. But he's the only one who heard it.

This morning, as I had recently done with Charles Dickens' claim to have written "A Christmas Carol," I visited every website I could find having to do with Poe and "The Raven," and left a note. I also wrote a few people, where I could find contact e-mails. Do you know that a movie was released on this subject awhile back? I had no idea--I don't keep up with popular culture anymore. Can you imagine what this information, if taken seriously, would do to that film? It depicts Poe writing "The Raven," as I gather. But if it became common knowledge that Poe didn't write "The Raven," and that the entire premise for the film is incorrect, there go the millions that were pumped into that production!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, of the destructive impact that my discovery could have. But it's all built on a sociopath's scam. Truth will out--and this lie will have to go, sooner or later. The dawning of truth requires the destruction of lies, along with the ediface that has been built upon them.

Actually, Mathew Franklin Whittier's life is a good deal more interesting than Poe's, and would make a better movie.

I stumbled upon a few ludicrous facts this morning--first of all, it is said that Poe initially had in mind to portray a parrot instead of the raven. That, right there, should tell you he's full of shit. Secondly, I found a snippet of a letter, photographed as below:

Now, this is ludicrous on the face of it. If Poe's BS essay, "The Philosophy of Composition" (which would get a big red "F" marked on it in any composition class, for bullshitting) didn't clue historians in, you'd think this would have alerted them.

I don't know what to say. This is obvious, when you have all the facts in--Poe was a scam artist who couldn't write his way out of a paper bag. His crappy stuff was his own--his good stuff was stolen. He couldn't read poetry worth a damn--and just as Charles Dickens didn't have the spiritual development or the moral character to have written "A Christmas Carol," Poe could not possibly have written "The Raven."

"But they were all of them deceived."

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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