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While I am still in the process of spot-checking my book, I have the whim to make an exception to my "updates only" policy, and comment on the dynamics of marginalization. I have been supporting Bernie Sanders in his candidacy for the presidency, and I have been truly shocked at the degree that he has been marginalized in the mainstream media. In particular, I have to watch PBS for my Mom's sake (she being accustomed to it); and I know the techniques of slanting news coverage. As a former video producer, editor, and documentarian, I see what they're doing. All you need to do is look at their official presidential race graphic, where Hillary Clinton, on the top row, looks out in a presidential pose, while Bernie Sanders, underneath, is glancing down. Occasionally I write to them, and of course I get no response.

That example is just the tip of the iceberg. For weeks, I watched closely, and noticed that every video clip of Sanders had technical problems--overexposed, autofocus going in and out of focus, echoey sound. I'm an experienced video editor, and I know these are deliberate editing choices (I see plenty of competent footage on Facebook--including an excellent interview with Spike Lee--they could choose from). Likewise with the content. Sanders is a very inspiring speaker, not unlike Dr. Martin Luther King in this regard. But you would never know it, watching the PBS Newshour. They have eased up on this policy a little--either with feedback from large numbers of Sanders supporters, or because they now feel it's safe because they think he's too far behind to win. But they continue it in ever-more-subtle ways. One of the sneakiest is to have their anchors ask the right questions, but to choose experts who respond with biased answers--presumably, their answers, i.e., the answers somebody with money has told them to give. One of these "experts" recently went over the top by saying that Sanders has decided not to run ads in California, as a gesture to Clinton, so that she can save her campaign money for ads in the general election.


Now, I'm personally familiar with what Sanders' supporters are calling the "media blackout," because I have faced an almost complete blackout with my reincarnation awareness work. I wrote individually to every PBS station I could get an address for, was invited to send a copy of "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America" to some 40 stations, and it was accepted (at no cost) by only one. One station manager in Florida wrote back, "I don't air pseudoscience." The station manager from Alabama wrote, tersely, "We don't plan to air this." A producer in New Jersey, who was acting as my advocate, finally admitted to me, after her supervisor had dilly-dallied for a year, that his real reason for rejecting it--even as part of a series of independent films, as she was suggesting--was that he "didn't believe in reincarnation."

Now comes my e-book, in which I dare to assert I have proven one of my own past lives in the 19th century. Not only that, but my first wife (who is currently with me in spirit) wrote "A Christmas Carol," and I appear to have written "The Raven."

Well, admittedly it sounds outlandish. But I can prove it. I wrote a fascinating, entertaining book to accomplish that end. And nobody will take it seriously enough to give it a fair shot.

Ironically, this is not the first lifetime I've experienced such a shut-out. As Mathew Franklin Whittier, I experienced--and protested--the same thing. I came back to straighten things out, and still nobody will take me seriously. Not then, not now. Here's what I wrote in 1869, as regards the Boston literary elite, who I knew, personally. (I was making out their checks, at the time, moonlighting as a bookkeeper for their publisher.)

From our intelligent and reliable Boston Correspondent
Boston, May 12th, 1869.

Gents:--Ef you'd a leetle livver than not I wish you would hed this thusly:--"From our inteligent and reliable Boston Correspondent." You can help me a good deal in this way. There are everywhere vulgar minds wich dont appreciate inteligence. Some of the Boston mootooal admiration society--would you bleve it?--dont seem to appreciate me in that character. Indeed, I dont think Boston ginrally is aware half the time when it entertains aingills, not that I would profanely class my umble self with hevingly bodies--far from it--but figgeratively speakin. Now a endorsement like wich I suggest for this heddin would natterally turn public attention towards me, and if you could manage to intimate that "E.S." is a lively critter wich "ollers cares his eyes in his head," and that "our Boston friends hed better see to the holes in their coats, for a divil of a chiel is among them takin notes"--or suthin of that kind, they might perhaps be afeared ef they didn't respect. I've travelled about a good deal in the aristocratic quarters and have seen a good many things there wich wouldn't look pretty in print. Them high nosed families wich hes their dinin rooms down suller dont seem to be aware that the arrangement furnishes enquiring minds, like your correspondent's, a accurate knowledge of their bills of fare. I dont believe there's a native born Bostonian knows have so much about the scrumpshus parlors and drawin rooms connected with lean kitchens in this metripoleum as does yours to sarve. I've got memorandum of twenty-nine families, already, wich is up stairs and out doors as serene as a june mornin, but wich snarls and jaws over their vittles like pigs over a scant supply of taters--and I'd jest as lief print them notes as not. Let Alsayshy also understand I'm turning my attention a little toe gennyology. I shall also find ont all about their relations back to the fifth generation. Dus A. B. No. ---, --- street, know that I know that his great grandmother's ant, by marriage, used to sell huckleberries? But enough. Ef they wanter buy me off, a line addressed P S L O Q Z Y., Boston P. O., to be left till called for, will receive prompt attention. N.B. Apply soon and enclose a stamp.

Yesterday, I almost wrote to Michael Tymn. I interviewed Mr. Tymn on my internet radio show, "Metaphysical Explorations"--as I did several other top people in the afterlife studies field. Those were good interviews, and clearly I was intelligent enough to bring out the best in them, and to (honestly) make them look good. And yet, my own work, apparently, is not worthy of notice by these same people--the current "Mootooal Admiration Society."

Well, fortunately, I'm not running for anything. Energy will manifest; a powerful, clean energy will manifest powerfully and effectively. Timing is another matter--but it will manifest. If I have to come back a third time, and tie together Mathew's life with my current one, I can do that. But I will say this much--my work is not being ignored because it is substandard, any more than Bernie Sanders' candidacy is ignored by mainstream media because it is substandard. My work is being ignored because it is ahead of its time.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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