I am kicking it into gear, here, under Abby's instructions. I have figured out that she must be communicating to me in my sleep, because I've woken up with instructions, or tips, too often for it to be chance. This morning I had the clear thought, that I should go through all the online links I could find having to do with "A Christmas Carol," and leave notes regarding Mathew and Abby's authorship of same. That took me 3-4 hours, including some e-mails to various reporters, professors and authors. I haven't heard anything back yet, and I don't think that's really the purpose of it. The purpose is to "seed" Society with this information. How long it will take to germinate, is another matter; and, of course, it has to fall on "fertile ground." That's why I think Abby was more concerned with leaving comments, than with writing people--if there is a comment on a website, Abby or her friends "up there" can now nudge the right person to see it, at the right time. But it has to be there, first.

There are many people whose entire "schtick" depends on Dickens being the author of "A Christmas Carol." Careers, best-selling books, numerous plays, college courses, and much more rests on this foundation. These people will not be pleased, and I can't blame them. One would not like to be informed that one's life's work has been built on a misconception, and is thereby nullified at one stroke! Only a handful of people, out of millions, are so much dedicated to the principle of "truth at all costs," that they would follow the truth, itself, rather than to protect themselves. One would have to literally sacrifice oneself for the truth. That one's family might be at risk, would not be too great an exaggeration. Because if one loses one's position at the university; or if one's book suddenly stops selling--one now has to get a job peeling potatoes, so there is at least some money coming in to feed the babies. It's a serious business--and this doesn't even touch on the threat to their egos.

Yesterday, I felt the same prompting to seriously go after radio interviews. I broadened my search a little, and got two new interviews. I am still negotiating for a third, with a fairly prominent public figure; and there is a fourth in the wings. I want to get these under my belt before I re-contact that one. Apparently, even this first prominent person wants to avoid my claims to Mathew's authorship of these literary classics. She can handle my reincarnation evidence; she can handle my ongoing relationship with Abby, my soul-mate in the astral realm--but she apparently doesn't feel comfortable with the Dickens issue. It's interesting what will push people over their boggle threshold. For many people, it would be the reverse.

I just have to tell the truth as I see it, and as my research indicates. If I pull anything back, I disqualify myself. Therefore, if Mathew turned out to be a murderer, I have to say that. If he turns out to have been the real co-author of "A Christmas Carol," I have to say that.

Meanwhile, I'm going through the training for a work-at-home job. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and I'm 65. I'm finding it very irksome to learn new typing formats, when I am accustomed to the style I've used for the past 35 years. Just remembering to double-space after periods (who does that anymore???) is a bear. But if I can work online, I will be free to live, or to travel, anywhere. That might come in very handy if I'm going to be actively promoting my work.

I have the first of these two new interviews (this one, on video Skype), in a couple of days. But that's being pre-recorded. I'll announce dates for the actual broadcasts as we get close to them, in the Updates page linked from the home page.

Some years ago, I videotaped Warren Buffet giving at talk to a black college in Atlanta. He said he had started by investing $1,000, and that it had grown like a snowball rolling downhill. That's what I'm going to do with these interviews. Abby cautions me to remain clear that my purpose is neither to become wealthy or famous. My purpose is to build this to the point that Mathew Franklin Whittier's true legacy is established and preserved; and that I can build, or direct to be built, a small museum dedicated to him, and to this project. Such a museum would cost millions of dollars to fund and maintain in perpetuity. I probably could never earn enough to pay for it myself--but I might earn enough to provide the seed money. However, I have seen a small museum established by the local city government, where the parking lot always held just one car--the attendant's. Nobody else ever visited it. So there must be enough of a "buzz" around Mathew that this doesn't end up happening--and that's where these interviews, comments, and e-mails come in.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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