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During my lunch hour, I try to educate myself on fringe and paranormal topics that I haven't studied much. I've been through quite a few videos and lectures on ancient civilizations and the artifacts thereof; and I'm convinced that there was, in fact, a global, advanced civilization which probably petered out about 10,000 years ago. I'm not convinced of alien contact; but then, I brought my understanding of the Hindu "yugas," or ages, to the table. So ancient civilizations is no problem for my world view. I do see that ancient astronaut theorists regularly attempt to subsume anything either mythical or spiritual under their umbrella of extraterrestrial contact, and this puts me off. Yesterday, I saw an entire show on the History Channel (admittedly, a commercialized venue) built around the theory that the Hindu god (which is really an aspect of God), Shiva, was actually an extraterrestrial with advanced technology.

Since I know, based my own 40+ years of study into Eastern mysticism, that this is way off the mark, I take what they say generally with a grain of salt. On the other hand, when they get into historical evidence of government coverups, it's obvious they are right about that. Whatever is going on with UFOs, the world governments are intensely intersted, have been for many years, and seem to have no respect for the public's intelligence when it comes to coverups. I suppose the vast majority are unsuspecting sheep; and the few who get outside the box and recognize the coverup, are easy enough to marginalize.

Lately, I have been getting interested in the artifacts on Mars. I have felt for some years that there are remnants of a civilization there; and this, also, trues with my own studies. Mars, and the moon, I suspect, were once colonized; and were both destroyed by either war or technological catastrophe. I continue to feel--perhaps from Abby--that the moon was a sort of garden paradise for the rich, once. Kind of like the ultimate gated community.

But after a couple of days of looking for videos on this subject on YouTube, I have to say, it seems to be especially difficult to find this information. There are supposedly statue heads, and straight-line artifacts, which are obviously not natural; but I'm darned if I can find them in these videos. So far, I've only found a video analyzing the "Face on Mars." And the presenter made some interesting logical points, one of which is, that in science, one must be able to predict from the information at-hand, and those predictions must turn out to be accurate.

In this case, if I understood the lecturer correctly, the first photograph of the Face allows one to predict that there should be finer facial features; and, in fact, when they got a second photograph, and enhanced it, one can see nostrils in the nose, and a hint of teeth in the mouth, and ridges over the eyebrows. In other words, the discovery has predictive value.

Now, this got me thinking about my own study. Was I able to predict anything? The answer is that my study is so much awash in predictions, that I can hardly single one out for the profusion of them. But just for starters, I can document, via's "Wayback Machine," that in year 2003, when I was interviewed online about my just-released documentary, I responded to a question about my own past lives, by saying that I thought I had been on the periphery of the Romantic poets, as a minor figure.

This turned out to be true, if I have adequately proven that I was Mathew Franklin Whittier, younger brother of poet John Greenleaf Whittier. I didn't go looking for such a figure--rather, I stumbled upon him while looking for something else. But suppose I had been looking for one to match my statement. It doesn't matter. Logically, if I was able to prove it, still, the fact remains, in 2003 I predicted that I was such a person; and later on, I proved it correct.

Once again, I want my readers to know that one of the foremost scientific researchers into reincarnation tossed this aside as so much rubbish, when I presented it to him as one of three most strongly-proven past-life memories in my study.

I will not let him live it down until he apologizes, by the way. Nor will I open myself to a law suit by naming him, or disparaging him.

But what I was thinking is something a bit more difficult to prove to anyone besides myself. In my previous entry, I drew a distinction between proving reincarnation to myself, and proving it to anyone else. This proves it to me, but may mean nothing to you.

In a proposed reincarnation match, there is an implied prediction, and that is, there should be a deep continuity between the past-life personality, and the current personality. They will not be identical in all respects--they may even be opposite in some respects, where the person has flip-flopped in reaction, i.e., in a karmic pendulum swing. But there will be continuity in some major areas.

I am a deeply sensitive person. In the common jargon, I have the "soul of a poet." I become easily ecstatic listening to music; but it is far more than this; and in fact, it is something I could only really explain to someone who shares this trait. A hundred people may think they share it, while only one or two really know what I'm talking about. Once, I shared with a high school friend some music by the Free Design. He said it sounded like a commercial. But Chris Dedrick, the leader and composer, could bring heaven down to earth; which is to say, he could bring the vibration of the higher astral realm into the physical world, through the vibration of music. Anyone who has the inner key, listening to that music, is instantly transported to the realm from which he derived it, in the first place. To anyone else listening to it, it may sound--well--like a commercial.

Guitarist Eric Johnson can also bring down this realm. Thousands of guitarists recognize his blazing technical talent. A few people are transported by "When the Sun Meets the Sky" (which I will use to open this page). But how many really hear what he's doing, on an intuitive level? I think he is the reincarnation of George Frideric Handel. Why? Because I recognize the soul energy signature. Mathew loved Handel. I think I was actually Handel's contemporary, as an organist. Let's see--I've determined I may have been an accomplished organist in the 1600's, but when did Handel live? I have to look it up...born 1685. He would have been just hitting his stride, as a child prodigy, in 1700. So I may have been older? This is just intuitive guesswork.

But back to my main point--I was amazed to find self-descriptions, and/or descriptions by a friend, precisely dovetailing with this personal trait of mine. Here, Mathew is listening to singer Jenny Lind:

The Sensitive Man listened to her on Monday evening, and was lost in boundless ecstasy. He became oblivious to everything but the enchantress—saw and heard nothing else. He clapped his hands, and stamped his feet, and fidgeted in his four dollar seat; and in the emphatic passages of the singing, where the songstress bowed her head to give the sentiment more force by the gesture, the Sensitive Man bowed his head also; and when the “chantress” opened her mouth to pour fourth those volumes of sound which filled the room so that we could almost see it, the Sensitive Man opened his mouth likewise. There was a spell upon him—he seemed like one bewitched.

One didn't brag about such a thing, as a man, in the 19th century. Here, Mathew is the real person behind the character, "The Sensitive Man." The description, itself, is either written by him, or by a friend, the editor of the paper, B.P. Shillaber, who is gently mocking him. I won't go into all the research it took to establish this--you'll have to take my word for it, or not. But I did my homework, and it's Mathew, alright.

That means that my unusual trait of being super-sensitive in this way, predicted the same thing showing up in the historical record for my proposed past-life personality, Mathew Franklin Whittier. And I was able to prove it--twice over, as there is yet another example in a different series and a different newspaper. Here, Mathew is writing of his European tour:

At Her Majesty's Opera-House, we listened to the thrilling opera of Fidelio, presented in a manner so grand, powerful and effective, that we can never forget the heavenly sensations which we realized at the final chorus. Our exhilaration and joy was so great that we laughed, danced, sung, and cried, all at one time, until the Police took us in hand and threatened to put us out, if we did n't "Stop that ere clatter."

He is obviously exaggerating and poking a bit of fun at himself, but it is based on his real experience at the time. (For the record, the authorship of this series is disputed--I went to a great deal of trouble to prove that the writer was, in fact, Mathew.)

So what do you think are the chances of this happening randomly? Remember, when I first established that I deeply felt I recognized myself in Mathew's eyes, all I had to go on was an etching of him in 3/4 profile, with a caption giving his relationship to John Greenleaf Whittier, and that he was an author. I further knew, from the context, that he was among the social circle of Romantic writer Sarah Orne Jewette--and that's all I knew. Again, what are the statistical chances that he would turn out to share this particular trait with me?

This is one of dozens and dozens of examples. In my "Scorecard summary," the results tabulation, I stopped counting at 93 or so.

Actually, I didn't even use this one.

Well, it continues to amaze me just how strong this case is, vs. how studiously it is ignored by the public, the experts and the media (meaning, paranormal radio show hosts). I used to get radio interviews when I was promoting my documentary on reincarnation; but since I proved my own case, they have dropped off to nothing.

Just wait until somebody figures out I ain't blowin' smoke.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

P.S. I finally found a source for these photographs of anomalies on Mars. Here's one that definitely doesn't look like a natural feature, to me. Unless the presenter, who seems to be serious about what he's doing, Photoshopped this into the Rover image, I'd say this landscape is, in fact, a debris field as they claim:

You can see this at:
at 13.11.

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