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As of today, my contract with Films Media Group (the media branch of Facts On File, which sells to universities), becomes non-exclusive. It was to expire on July 7th of this year, but they requested to continue on a non-exclusive basis. That means that I can now legally sell copies of my documentary, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America," to both the U.S. and Canada.

Of course, it is available for free as streaming video--something which was just in its infancy when I first entered into this contract. I was actually one of the first to experiment with streaming video, back when the film was under development--back in the days of little video windows, streaming at a reduced frame rate in poor quality.

Now, if there is much demand for the DVD of this program, I will make it available. One or two requests won't be enough to bother with the technical aspects of purchasing a DVD duplication program, installing it and making sure it works properly. This will be simply a DVD with the title written on it, copied here at the house. In the past, I printed the labels, printed the DVD jacket, cut it to size, shrink-wrapped it, etc. But I sold so few copies that eventually I stopped bothering. I was selling it for $25/copy, even with all these added expenses. I suppose I might keep the same price. Probably, I will make it available as one more item in my online store.

Even the documentary--which is not as advanced as my e-book--is ahead of its time. It has been seen, including in its viral versions, by over half a million people online. I never get any feedback from it, however. I won't say never--usually, once a year or so, someone writes to thank me for the work I'm doing.

I'll figure out how to announce this more generally, sometime soon. I still have one piece of research to add to the book, probably in the next day or two--something I became aware of at the last minute.

When Films Media Group first accepted my film, they sent me a copy of their catalog, which has it listed directly adjacent to two Bill Moyers films. I thought I had it made! Legitimacy, at last. But my film sold only a literal handful of copies (I don't know how Bill did). I do know that Bill resonates with the collective consciousness--especially, the collective consciousness in academia--far more than I do. He seems like a very nice guy, but he's sort of guessing and poking around and talking to people who also don't know. My film is conceptually, if not artistically, far more advanced than his work, and that's why it's far less popular.

All I can say is that my documentary is far more powerful than anybody has realized--and my book is 10x more powerful than the documentary.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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