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Since I don't pay for TV service, my TV is Youtube. Last night, during dinner, I chanced to play a talk given by a paranormal author, who will remain nameless. He started out citing experiences which I could verify as genuine, from my own studies. But like a spinner of tall-tales, his personal accounts became increasingly numerous, and increasingly fantastical, until he lost me with an experience of a parallel lifetime as a boy in some other solar system.

Although this idea of parallel lifetimes has become popular in New Age circles--and I don't know the origin of it, but perhaps some channeled source or other--I don't think this actually occurs. I once ran it by Don Stevens, who, being a direct disciple, was in a position to know whether my Guru, Meher Baba, ever mentioned such a thing, and Stevens said that Baba had not. There were things that Baba saw fit not to teach; but Don was the co-editor of Baba's flagship book, "God Speaks," and if anybody should know, he would.

I, myself, had had one of the experiences that this lecturer related, sleep paralysis followed by a out-of-body experience. So he was not altogether bullshitting. He's a published author, making his living off the paranormal, and my guess would be that at some point he started embellishing in order to increase his popularity, and thus pay the bills (and his air fare).

It would be a real temptation, once one was in that position of having to make one's living off one's interest in these subjects. A friend of mine (the same one who shook his head sagely regarding the length of my book), commented that I am up against a great deal of competition out there. Indeed. I think that the public finds it difficult to separate the sheep from the goats. I am lumped in with all the other wild-eyed fanatics and embellishers, who are vying with each other for space at conventions, and for interviews on prominent radio shows.

I never do anything to promote myself, other than to write persuasively in this blog, which I think is read regularly only by a handful of people. I am waiting for the public to wake up and come to me, via word-of-mouth.

I have been waiting for some years.

But I think this is the only way to do it. Stand where you are, and excel. If you are discovered, fine; if you aren't discovered, fine. That is the only attitude which works in the long run. If you ever go down the slippery-slope of trying to promote yourself via any form of hype ("fluffing," in Mathew's day), you are lost.

But this requires a discerning public. Can you discern between my presentation, and that of the fellow who says a shadowy entity took him to another planet and plopped his soul into the body of a young boy in school, such that he realized it was a parallel lifetime?

I claim to have been the real co-author of "A Christmas Carol," and the author of "The Raven," in the 19th century. This alone is enough to trigger your skeptical response. I know that full-well. But there is a profound difference between my claim, and the claim of the aforementioned fellow. I can back mine up with good scholastic research, along with paranormally-obtained corroboration, and they stand a very good chance of being real. The lecturer I listened to last night, has not a shred of objective evidence for his claim, and it does not hold up to scrutiny for those of us who have seriously studied these subjects.

Superficially, however, both claims appear ludicrous.

What is necessary is a public with the burning desire to know. It must be a matter of spiritual life-and-death. Only with this kind of motivation, will a person put the effort into discerning accurately the false from the true; the sheep from the goats. And this motivation is generally lacking, in the public, in 2018. We are in an era of superficiality and sound-bites. We are, as a culture, dazzled by tinsel. And that person, or that culture, which is easily dazzled by tinsel is easily fooled (and easily manipulated).

I imagine that I would like to be "on the circuit." But would I enjoy it, really? I wonder. I would have to deal with all the pretenders, all the embellishers. I would be elbow-to-elbow with these people, competing with them despite not wanting to be in that position. I would have vocal detractors; there might be female admirers to slough off. I would be dependent, to some extent, on the income derived from book sales and appearances. There would be sponsors not to offend (if not my sponsors, then, sponsors of the events I was invited to speak at).

I don't know that I would like it very much, at all.

I think that if one has a casual interest, the fellow who flew across the stars and was plopped into his other life as a schoolboy, serves just as well as my claim to have co-authored "A Christmas Carol," and to have proven who I was in the 19th century. One is about as curious, and entertaining, as the other. Or perhaps the stellar traveler is more entertaining, I don't know. He's apparently selling books, and I'm not.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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