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Last night, having watched Lee Camp on a segment of "Redacted Tonight" (in which he interviewed progressive journalist Abby Martin), I was thinking idly about the current situation of the country. Abby, my wife in the astral realm, was with me in spirit, meaning, we were connected telepathically, and she just casually pushed the thought into my mind, "when the level of righteousness in a society diminishes to a certain level, unhealthy elements, which are always present, begin to take dominance. It's like the body getting run down, so that opportunistic diseases begin to take hold."

I'd never thought of that before. It occurred to me, upon reflection, that my spiritual master, Meher Baba, had said that the Avatar incarnates on earth "when the wick of righteousness burns low." So I had that part of it, already. But not quite this take on it--not the metaphor using the physical health of the body.

There is more I can extrapolate out of this, based on other insights Abby has given me. Again, the sense I get is that these are shared casually--that she lives in a sea of this depth of perception, and it is just normal to her. Well, I gather she was exceptionally bright even when last incarnate, in the early 1800's. I seem to remember that she was Mathew's "secret weapon." An arrogant fellow would come to dinner, and hold forth on some topic of politics, talking down to Abby as though she was a child. She would give him a long rope, looking at him with those big, innocent eyes, and when he was quite finished, she would proceed to tear his arguments to shreds. I would gleefully rub my hands in anticipation of the coming slaughter, while this idiot was expounding his nonsense. And more than one of these guys left in a huff--while my business probably suffered accordingly. But I didn't mind. I had a gem; and I agreed with her completely. She had been my tutor, once; and I respected her intellect.

Today is no different, except, I gather from her that the wait until we are together again, in the astral realm, is but a short time, from her perspective. So there is no great urgency about explaining things to me. We will share these insights together, wordlessly, soon enough. But occasionally she lets drop one of these tidbits.

Now, I had in mind to share that experience--not so much the insight, itself--because its meaning is self-evident--but the experience of receiving it, of our direct communication--and, the song which opens this page. I was trying to figure out how to do both at the same time, so it would look like one seamless effort.

But I am too honest, so I'm just telling you that's what I'm doing. The tie-in, of course, would be that I want full and complete communication with Abby. But she seems to tell me, "We already have it." It is no big deal, with her. The big deal, for her, is that in this stupifying condition, that of being in a physical body, I still had the intense love and faith to pick up where we left off--to maintain a monogamous relationship, in a long-distance situation where we only have one-way communication. Or, primarily one-way communication. It is like having a long-distance relationship where the phone connection and the internet connection only works one way. You can talk to her, but she can only occasionally get a signal to you.

Would you do this? You would, if you had a past-life history like the one I have with Abby. Forget the other women. Unfortunately, I have tried them, a whole series of them. Their affection--one can't really call it love--is conditional. And there is nothing like being poor to find out just how conditional a woman's love really is. Be poor, and find out what else they might possibly want out of you. Generally, it isn't healthy, whatever it is. Unconscious revenge is popular. So is just having a boyfriend of some kind (say, while they lose weight). The depths of human depravity have yet to be plumbed, in what appears to be the nicest people (and the most physically attractive).

If my understanding is correct, Abby and I have been a couple in more past lives than you could count. One might gain a feeling of familiarity by being together with someone for five or six lifetimes, total--but here, with a soul-mate, we are talking thousands. I don't even know how many, to estimate it. We are practically part of each other's souls. I feel that she would have me express it, "I breathe in, and she breathes out."

To the point that as far as our being separated this way is concerned, we say, "death, schmeth."

I mean, there comes a time when one must stand up to the bully. Death is the ultimate bully--and when you stand up to him, what happens? The same thing that happens when you stand up to other bullies. He turns out to be this little snivelling character, who runs away.

Well, I can't say that as regards facing physical danger, as some physical heroes can do. But I can say that, from personal experience, as regards grief.

Still, there is one thing I would wish for--I wish Abby could whisper in my ear, "I love you." I certainly feel it; and I know from the medium who first helped me contact her, back in March of 2010, that she eagerly bombarded her with images a full hour before the session was scheduled to start. I also feel it in the song that Abby inspired me to write, before we began communicating, when she was trying to get my attention. I know it in the way she has tirelessly "arranged" for me to find evidence for our book (the one linked from the banner ad, on the top of this page).

But I would love to hear it...someday, when I cross over, even though her love will probably hit me like a blast of light, enveloping me completely, still, I hope she can indulge me with a three-word-whisper...

Do you still think all of this is tongue-in-cheek? (I only wish...)

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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