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My interview with "Path 11" has finally been posted on their website (the link is on the home page and in the public Update page). This was, perhaps, the best interview I've ever done, and I was able to make all the points needed to my satisfaction. Now, I feel I'm ready to take this to the public. It only takes the right person or persons to come across this interview. The image comes to mind (and not for the first time) of dominoes set up throughout an entire room. This interview is the first domino, flicking which the entire sequence can be set in motion.

As said, I also announced it on the public Update page, and as I did so, I casually dropped two hints which may induce 90% or more of the leaders in alternative paradigms to reject me. I said that a quasi-materialistic religion of quantum physics was not enough to bring an understanding of the meaning of life back to Western society; and I also mentioned that Christian Spiritualism, with its (official) concept of one life followed by an eternity of heaven, is not adequate for the task, either. And, in my closing, I made it clear that I believe in God and try to do His will.

But these people won't perceive me correctly, in these things. They will "peg" me according to their own understanding. To the quasi-materialists, anyone who believes in God, and has a relationship with Him, must be a deluded follower of the old, now-exploded myths. But to the Christian Spiritualists, anyone who teaches reincarnation and insists upon its (proven) reality, is a threat to their paradigm. So I will offend both camps with this brief announcement, such that neither will reach out to me.

And that's okay. Would you want to be called for interviews, and become successful, if only you would publicly agree with them that your wife is ugly? When you know she's beautiful?

I think it's too high a price.

I am obscure because my presentation is too advanced, even for those who are considered advanced. Not because I am either crazy, or stupid. That means that under just the right conditions--whether in this life, or after I pass when more advanced people will be incarnating--it only takes a "flick."

If I am supposed to go public in this phase of my life, then, that flick will occur. And the reason I think it may, is because things have come around in my life where I am now in a position to do it. I successfully brought my mother through her protracted decline and passing; I've lost both of my feline companions; I have established myself in the liberal town of Portland, Maine, where I once lived in the early-to-mid 19th century; and I have a snug apartment here, a home base I can come back to in order to recharge my batteries. I also have my health back, having recovered from the effects of prolonged stress, and I've improved my diet. Finally, I have completed the Herculean task of researching, recording and archiving all of the material connected with Mathew Franklin Whittier's life, and that of his soul-mate, Abby Poyen. My e-books are finalized and available for sale.

Not only that, but I have made myself familiar with all of the major mediums, and all of the major alternative paradigm theories and theorists. Even though I have only attended the "University of Youtube," still, I could at least sit at the dining table and join in the conversation, should I find myself elbow-to-elbow with these folks. Nor would I feel intimidated by them.

So if it's going to happen in my lifetime, it may happen now. We shall see.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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