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I am well-aware that it is four days to Election Day. I have nothing to say about it except the obvious--vote for Dr. Jill Stein.

Sometimes, I get the urge to write to a mythical future audience, one that understands my work and asks intelligent questions. We will take a look at my website stats later in this entry, and see what I can extrapolate about how my current audience is taking it.

I have been writing about a recent discovery, a second travelogue written by myself, Mathew Franklin Whittier, in the 19th century. The first one spanned 1849-1852; this one, written for a different paper, and under a different name, appears four years later in 1856. I have mentioned that in the introduction to the first letter, Mathew presents a strong clue that he also wrote the earlier travelogue, which had been claimed by and for someone else; and he also leaves a blatant clue that he is specifically giving a heads-up to himself in the future, i.e., in a future incarnation. I know it's a clue, and not a coincidence, because I have many other examples of his habit of leaving coded messages in his works.

But something else happened when I stumbled upon this second travelogue; my intuitive, emotional, subconscious (call it what you will) sense of Mathew's identity, which had been extruding and impinging on my consciousness for years, during my study of his life, seems to have fully awakened. I now feel, subjectively, something approaching complete continuity of identity at this subconscious level. That means, I am reacting to things with both personalities, simultaneously, at the emotional and intuitive level. I can't explain it better than that; it means, I have integrated both personalities in terms of emotional reactions, and world-view. They are not so very dissimilar to begin with. My personality is the logial extension, as it were, of his. I could tell a sincerely interested audience the particulars; I am hesitant to share on that personal a level with this one.

Mathew was, in a sense, more raw; more intense; more idealistic, and at the same time, in reaction, more cynical. He was brilliant, but not as well-grounded. He was less mature, emotionally; but he was more confident, to the point of being brash. And there is more; he was also, during much of his life, more political. I would say he was a better writer; I am sort of living off the fat of his skill, so to speak. If you see talent in my writing, it is remembered, not studied.

By way of comparison with other reincarnation cases, Capt. Robert Snow was able to obtain a scrapbook and diary of his previous personality, painter James Carroll Beckwith. But he didn't delve into it as deeply as I have, into Mathew's writings. He appears to have gone through it just enough to confirm 30 points that came up in his past-life regression. I did not have Mathew's personal diary--but these two travelogues are a public, published travel diary, the first one covering a couple of years, the second covering the month of August, 1856. But Mathew deliberately embedded a great deal of autobiography in his humorous sketches, and other writings--and I have over 600 of those, now. I examined all of them with a fine-toothed comb, and pulled out everything I could, cross-referencing it all. So this is as strongly proven as Snow's case, but it goes into far greater depth.

There is so much more...but who is listening? Well, I guess I got that off my chest. I don't mean to be insulting, but I am caretaker for my Mom, age 97, every day and all day from 10:30 to 8:30 p.m. She has severe dementia--not Alzheimers, I think, but whatever it is, it has made her outrageously stupid. She was an intelligent person; now, she can't understand or figure out the simplest thing. She can't learn, and she can't remember; so there is no use trying. And when I try to explain to people what I have accomplished with my study, I feel the same way as when I'm trying to explain something to her.

I have tried to explain political realities to people on Facebook, including to some highly intelligent friends. They can't hear me, and they won't listen. Jill Stein is marginalized in the press, very much in the same way that strong evidence for the afterlife has been marginalized, for years. But if I try to draw that parallel among Stein's own advocates, on Facebook, they hit back with comments like, "I'd like to have some of what you're smoking!" Responding to the fellow who made that comment, I sent him a link to Chris Carter's book, "Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics." He never wrote back. The reason I sent him that link, is that Carter does some detective work as regards an organized disinformation campaign against paranormal research. Very much as we have seen against first Bernie Sanders' campaign, and then, against Jill Stein's.

Now, on to my stats. This last month, the average unique daily visit to this website has jumped from around 250, to 350 or more. Several times last month, the visits got well into the 400's. This, I believe, is due to someone posting a link to my article, "How to Prove Reincarnation," which sets forth my method. This blog is getting more hits, as is Abby's journal (actually, she is ahead). The supporting page for my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," is getting some more visits, as well; but all this isn't translating into sales. Almost no-one looks at the book in my online store, and no-one purchases it.

Let's see if we can tease a bit more out of these stats, by looking at the numbers. I have to pull it up here...

In October, the highest daily unique visit total is 471, with another day coming in at 470. This is very rare for this website. The lowest was 257--250 being my usual average. So whether it is coming from one source, or from several sources, there's no question that interest in my work is increasing somewhat. This, despite the fact that this website appears to have entirely dropped off the map in both Google and Yahoo (whereas in years past, it had a high ranking). Of course, I'm quite aware that this is digital peanuts compared with the fellow who posts a video of a cat riding an opposum through the house.

Years ago, my then-sales agent told me, in a moment of candor, that kids who get together over several weekends and shoot their own horror movie, sell more copies than I was selling of my documentary, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America." My contract with Films Media Group--the media arm of Facts On File, which sells to colleges and universities--ran out. They requested to renew the contract on a non-exclusive basis, even though it very rarely sells. But recently, on PBS, I noticed that a couple of young fellows had created a horror movie, and were getting all kinds of acclaim! Well, they both have Downs syndrome, so it was notable for that reason. But still, it reminded me of my sales agent's prophetic pronouncement...

What else do we have, here, in the stats? I get a listing for the 30 top pages, in order, and for the month of October, the supporting page for my book is at the 18th slot, with 141 visits. A friend who sells a crafts item online, tells me that there is typically one sale for every 1,000 views. So I'm just not getting the numbers for sales, by that criterion. Meanwhile, 282 people viewed (and perhaps, read) the article on my research method; 227 visited the home page for Abby's journal, and 220 visited this blog. That's roughly seven people per day, out of the total population with internet access (around 3 billion).

Somebody has also found my old article responding to a Billy Graham column about reincarnation, because 155 people read that one. The little page in which I prove that Benjamin Franklin believed in reincarnation, and that his belief in same was turned inside-out by a big PBS special on him, has been seen 101 times. Some of my other articles are being seen, and so-on.

This is groundbreaking work. It is far, far more significant than the cat riding the 'possum, or than the vast majority of topics on the web that people find so fascinating. I could go into the social ramifications of this work, but I'm kind of tired of preaching to the air about it. If you study the 19th century, you will see that secularization is a cancer which began with the likes of Hume and Darwin, and has metasticized to such an extent that Society is about done-for. In the 19th century, there was separation between Church and State, but society was not, actually, secular. Here's an example from an 1844 newspaper:

A materialist who had written a thousand absurdities to prove that we have got no soul, inquired of a lady, with a triumphant air, what her opinion was of his philosophy. "It appears to me, sir," answered she, "that you have employed much talent and ability to prove you are a beast."

We unconsciously assume--and the assumption comes flying into the mind as a sort of programmed "macro," so quickly as to remain undetected--that we have progressed, such that 19th century attitudes were primitive. Nothing could be further from the truth. We, collectively, have gone down a road--but that road doesn't necessarily represent progress--it merely represents technological progress. Today, as regards spirituality, Society is so ignorant that it doesn't know there is some other choice besides traditional religion, on the one hand, and secularization, on the other. "Spirituality" is associated with new-age flakiness. Anything besides Christianity, if it is respected, is called "other traditions"--as though spirituality was a "tradition."

In this atmosphere, with so few people even showing an interest in my work--but not enough interest to invest the cost of a fast-food lunch for two, in my book--why do I bother? And yet, there is the rise from average 250 visits per day, to 350 per day. There are days when it goes as high as 470. Okay, so none of these people are ready for the full information. They get an exposure.

Honestly, the impression I come away with is that it's happening--it's just happening far, far more slowly than I ever imagined. Well, I may live at most another 30 years or so. As long as I am of sharp mind, I can remain poised, ready to explain my work to a sincerely interested, respectful audience for that length of time. After that, perhaps I can pass my legacy on to someone else who can extend it another 60 years or so; and maybe, by that time, Society will be ready to take it seriously.

Sounds grandiose of me, doesn't it? I said that Mathew had more confidence--I didn't say that I don't have any.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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