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You may have read my previous entry (Archives link at the bottom of this page), in which I showed how, in my 19th-century past life as Mathew Franklin Whittier, I wrote in "code." At that time Mathew was acting as an undercover agent for the Abolitionist movement. Under hypnosis, many years before I ever found any evidence for it, I seemed to remember him doing so under the auspices of Edward Elwell, editor of the Portland (Maine) "Transcript," for which I knew he wrote his "Ethan Spike" character. The evidence I presented last entry came from 1846; that summer, and in the summer of 1848, he was working as a reporter for a New Orleans paper, the "Daily Delta." Before I discovered this evidence, I had already determined that in the fall of 1849, he began traveling the New England states as a postal inspector, and his travelogue did double duty to inform the agents of William Lloyd Garrison of his contacts. But in 1848, Elizur Wright, editor of the liberal Boston "Chronotype," wrote hoping that "Ethan Spike"* (Mathew's character) was okay, as he hadn't heard from him for awhile. Thus, it appears that whether or not Edward Elwell was in on it, as I remembered under hypnosis, another liberal editor, Wright, definitely was aware of it. Mathew had not yet been "outed" as "Ethan Spike" in 1848. That wouldn't happen until 1857. Note that Wright is also writing in code, inasmuch as he sounds like he's joking, but he's actually quite serious about it:

I gather it was not unusual to be an "agent" for the Abolitionist cause. I am not claiming something unique for Mathew. Whenever I look into a biography of an Abolitionist that appears for sale on Ebay, it seems that that person either was an "agent," or knew an "agent."

Of course these were not trained, professional agents. Hence the blunder that Mathew appears to have made, and attempted to quickly rectify, as seen in my previous entry.

Now, I can imagine that some skeptics simply won't believe me. I could force you to believe this, grudingly, if I wanted to, by presenting additional evidence. But, to what purpose? All of that evidence is in my book, which only costs $12.00, and the "workman is worthy of his wages." But this is all within the realm of ordinary scholarship, except that I remembered elements of it via past-life memory (both under hypnosis and not) before I found the evidence. I didn't remember that Mathew worked under cover, but as I said last entry, when I first began reading a handful of his humorous "Ethan Spike" sketches, I immediately remembered that he embedded hidden meanings in them. I had the growing, nagging sense that he interviewed slaves (though nothing of his work along this line seemed to have been published under his own name, or any of his identified pseudonyms), and under hypnosis, I strongly remembered him witnessing a slave auction. All of these things were borne out in the subsequent research. They could have been guessed at. I did not remember Mathew participating in the Underground Railroad, but I did find evidence of him escorting a young woman across the line to Canada, on at least one occasion. If I was simply imagining all these things, one would think I would have thrown that in, as well.

It amuses me that people read this blog, but won't buy my book. That is, assuming anyone is following it regularly. Because, by reading the blog you are reading the book. Except you are getting it piecemeal. It is as though you enjoy listening to me tune up, but won't pay to hear me play. Let me simply tell you that if you find these blog entries interesting and entertaining, you will find the book, itself, vastly more so.

If you know something of the principles of reincarnation, you will know that tendencies, habits and patterns tend to repeat. If I was writing with hidden meanings, attempting to enlighten Society with my work, wouldn't I be doing the same, or something similar, today? This is a different age. Now, one is hidden right out in plain sight. When everyone is an author no-one is an author. You can't do truly elevated work and come to the attention of the masses. Something has to be compromised in it. You have to sell out--and this pattern has repeated, that Mathew refused to sell out, and today, I, also, refuse to sell out. You will see no hype being used to sell my book. I even refuse to change the price to "$11.99." Did you get the impression that I was so amatuerish that I just made it a plain $12.00?

I am 100% independent. And this is the only person who can write the entire truth of a subject. But the Catch-22 is that that person who is entirely independent, and who refuses to sell out to any degree whatsoever, cannot please the masses, and hence cannot come to the public's attention. I have said it before, and will say it again: No-one is going to tell you to buy my book. I will not write ad copy which pretends that other people are telling you to buy it. I will not buy (or trade-off) for good reviews. I will not hire a publicity agency. I have no publisher. I will not compromise the content, or the size (and hence the format) of this book to make it more saleable.

There are three reasons not to buy this book:
) 1) Nobody has told you to buy it;
2) It is taken to be so ludicrous that it isn't even worth the time and money to investigate it;
3) The thought that it might be exactly what I say it is, scares the crap out of the prospective buyer.

Any work which is truly independent (and hence has no backing), will not come with a recommendation or an endorsement. It is too far advanced for the recognized leaders in the field; either that, or their competitive instinct prevents them from giving a potential colleague a leg up. When I have had contact with them, I have had the audacity to disgree with them--i.e., effectively--and they hate that. They won't scratch your back while you are throwing spit-balls (as they perceive it) at theirs.

But I refuse to pretend to agree with anybody for whatever favors I might get from them. Nor will I pretend to know less than they do, if I actually know as much, or more, all credentials aside. I am not a member of either the Admiration Society, or the Mutual Admiration Society.

Meanwhile, if I have proven reincarnation, I have proven two other things that nobody wants at any price:
1) We have it all wrong; and
2) There is, in fact, 100% accountability in life.

Oh, we thought we got rid of 100% accountability by dismissing the ludicrous idea of eternal heaven and eternal hell. These were distortions. All lies are distortions. No lie is completely false in itself--it's a philosophical impossibility. Make me up an alien who has no resemblance whatsoever to any life-form on earth. I dare you. (I'm still waiting...)

(And while we are at it, show me one science fiction film which doesn't have sounds in outer space.)

There are both heaven and hell, as states of consciousness, in the life after physical death, by degrees. They are not eternal, though they can seem so to the people experiencing them. Heaven is not the real goal of spirituality--it is a place of rejuvenation, reunion and reflection, and for planning the next incarnation. I could deconstruct the theological errors which have been piled on top of "eternal heaven and eternal hell," resulting from the anathema of the pre-existence of the soul (and with it, reincarnation), but that would take another long book.

Speaking of the length of my book (a little over 2,200 pages in Word, 12 point type), what comes to mind is the "Curse of Oak Island" series. They tell the story of their research, and it's a lengthy story. If you took all the episodes and strung them together, how many hours would it be? Thirty-six, or more? Well, in order to tell the story of my research properly, it has taken 2,200 pages. But it is a wild ride. A much wilder and more entertaining ride, I must say, than the "Curse of Oak Island." Because they are finding a piece of wood here, an iron spike there, and a coin there--but I am finding unbelievable things** every 10-15 pages. And when I prove what I set out to prove, I have something far more valuable than the Ark of the Covenant, which presumably, after all, was simply an archival housing for an original document (nevermind a few thousand years of hype), or perhaps a handful of French baubles, which might just barely cover their expenses at this point.

With my apologies to those folks--who are likeable, and obviously quite sincere--I can't resist re-running the following graphic, just for the pun (Mathew loved puns, and so have I, ever since a high school friend's family turned me on to them):

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*Mathew wrote "Ethan Spike" for the "Chronotype" during these years, something I didn't know at the time of the regression, being only familiar with Mathew's "Spike" letters published later on in Elwell's paper. The very first "Ethan Spike" piece appeared in the "Transcript" in Jan. 1846; thereafter they appeared in the "Chronotype" for some time, perhaps because Elizur Wright gave Mathew a freer hand to write scathing, liberal satire. James Russell Lowell's "Biglow Papers" were written in imitiation of Mathew's "Ethan Spike" letters in the Boston "Chronotype," shortly after "Spike" appeared there; and "Spike" responded to "Hosea Biglow" when that character first appeared in another Boston paper.

**As, for example, that the tiny carved deer which I purchased on Ebay, advertised as having once belonged to Mathew's brother, poet John Greenleaf Whittier, turned out to be mentioned in Mathew's 1851 travelogue, when he was in Lucerne, Switzerland, and hence were probably a Christmas present he bought for his sister, Elisabeth. The travelogue is mistakenly attributed by historians to entertainer Ossian Dodge. I bid the initial asking price for the carvings and as there were no other bidders, I won them by default. They are actually of Swiss chamois, not deer, as assumed by the seller. A discovery like this awaits the reader every 10-15 pages or so.


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