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In a quiet flash, this morning, as I was archiving photographic copies of my past-life journalistic work, I sort of "got it." There is a stage where you protest and keep saying something over and over--as much to yourself as to anyone else--to convince yourself. And then there comes an ah-hah moment where you really get it, and you don't need to convince anyone. Whether it will last or not, I don't know, but I just got to that point.

Social validation for my work or no; validation from the experts or no; and however I superficially appear to my handful of readers; this is a very powerful study I've completed. Meanwhile, Society is abysmally ignorant, and is going through a terrifying and ticklish period of transition to a higher level. It may get worse before it gets better. How do I know? Because I know that my Guru, Meher Baba, the Avatar of this era, is in charge. And I know how He works with individuals. He explained it to his foremost male disciple and right-hand man, Eruch Jessawala. Eruch protested to Baba, that he felt he had become a worse person from Baba's influence. Baba explained that when sugarcane is harvested, they boil it to remove the impurities. Those impurities bubble up to the surface, where they are skimmed off. Likewise, Baba does this with individuals, such that the hidden weaknesses in them, which perchance they had justified as virtues (and hence which were immune from scrutiny), come boiling and bubbling to the surface, where, being clearly seen for what they truly are, they are skimmed off.

I am extrapolating, here, but I would interpret that the same thing is done with the entire world consciousness. For example, fanaticism is taken, by the fanatics, to be a sign of virtue. But it must be relinquished if real spirituality is ever to be experienced. Why? Because fanaticism feeds the separative ego-consciousness, while justifying itself as being spiritual, religious, and virtuous. It seems to me that fanaticism is being brought out in such a horrible, ludicrous, blatant form, with all its egotistic cruelty and ignorance fully manifest, that it will have to be eschewed by mankind. Likewise substance addiction; likewise atheism; likewise materialism; likewise sexual exploitation; likewise many other social ills. But this is the clearing-away process for what Baba called the "New Humanity."

I personally suspect that my work is for this New Humanity, as it finds its way after the dust settles. I think it is being saved for them. But in any case, I do not have the wisdom to know what the effects might be of it being recognized and taken seriously, now. Just as Meher Baba said that he "veils his glory from man by his own curtain of ignorance," I think that some of the works being done by his disciples, during his Advent, are also veiled by man's own curtain of ignorance, against the day when they are to be released.

This may sound grandiose to you. I'll tell you this much--I live not far from the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, which Meher Baba said was his "home in the West." There, one may run into someone around the next corner, who deserves to be world-famous in this or that field. One in particular who comes to mind is musician James Newell, whose music opens this page. His work is utterly magnificent, and all but ignored by the world. I would have to guess that on any given day, princes, philosophers, musicians, artists, and others of previous ages, are quietly going about their business at the Center, unknown to the world. I am no great shakes there. Many of these people are definitely beyond me in their spiritual maturity and development. And I have met some of Meher Baba's own original disciples, in the earlier days when they were still around. These were august personalities; but they experienced themselves as just lucky blokes who had the good fortune to follow Meher Baba around when he visited the Center in 1852, '56 and '58. Any one of them could have been a famous personage in lives past. But they threw all that away to be an anonymous person meeting the Avatar.

This is what you are missing when you underestimate me, and my work. This, perhaps, is what you take as arrogance or megaolomania. I always know this in the back of my mind--but I rarely mention it, even in passing. I know that I am someone who strove for lifetimes to get to the point of being in the Avatar's orbit. In fact, if and when you ever read my book, and come to know Mathew Franklin Whittier in the 19th century, you will be meeting myself as I was before a fall. That was my previous attainment, which carried within it the seeds of my own destruction, as it were. Then, I clawed my way back up to where I am, today--roughly parallel to what he had achieved--except that I have ameliorated those hidden weaknesses. I had help, though. In Mathew's lifetime, Abby, for the few short years we were married before her passing, lifted me up to a great degree, teaching me the Perennial Philosophy and esotericism, and increasing my faith. But in this life, it was Meher Baba who reached down into the muck where I had fallen, lifted me up by the shirt collar, and cleaned me off.

When you read my blog, and my other presentations (sans book, which you won't buy), you miss all of this. It's the piece you aren't privy to.

So Meher Baba will remove the veil of ignorance covering this particular work, when he sees fit. Until then, none of this will make any sense to anybody.

And that's fine with me. As I look out on the world, and see the terrible struggles while these fundamental lessons are being learned--I could list them, but I think I'll pass--I don't know what good this study could do out there. People aren't ready for it. This is college-level work--they are still in grade-school. That's not so much puffing myself up, as it is a commentary on the state of the world, which I think I don't need to convince anyone of. We are still learning things like letting go of fanaticism, and addictions, and so much else. These are ABC lessons. While the world struggles with these things, it simply isn't ready for what I have to offer.

Hence the archiving.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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