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Random influences, and non-random thoughts about them...

As I look carefully at the book reviews that Mathew Franklin Whittier wrote for the New York "Tribune," in the days following Edgar Allan Poe's claim to have authored "The Raven," I see his reactions entering into the text in various ways. But that's just an observation, not a theme I want to develop, today.

This morning, I watched an excellent online interview of radical comedian Lee Camp, by David Cobb of the Green Party. I'm on-board with just about all of their opinions, until their atheism comes through. Cobb made the observation that the views, along this line, of some of the Founding Fathers are suppressed in the official history we have been taught. I left the comment that I have proof that Benjamin Franklin, in his later years, believed in reincarnation, and that, also, has been suppressed.

Later this morning, I watched a randomly-chosen YouTube video about miracles. It consisted of several news stories stitched together, of people who were miraculously saved from death, where the cause seemed to be religious faith. One scene in particular struck me, taken on-site with a cell phone. You see a wrecked car just off the expressway, with the engine ablaze and the driver trapped inside. In the audio, nearby the phone, you hear a black woman exclaiming with great spiritual force: "The blood of Jesus!--the blood of Jesus!"

Now, we may have heard caricatures of such things many times, in recordings or movie portrayals of black church services. But at risk of using an inappropriate metaphor, here, where there is smoke, there is bound to be fire. This lady had it. I think that her granite-like faith would please God more than a thousand erudite theological arguments. (The driver was pulled out just in the nick of time, before the car burst into flames.)

Now for the last influence, which actually was the first, inasmuch as I watched this video during dinner last night. A woman who has been communicating with spirit guides for 25 years, gives us tips on how to do it. She has made something of a career out of it, I gather, which for the purposes of our discussion is neither "here nor there." But the method she describes--and the nature of the telepathic contacts from the Other Side--are precisely as I have described my communication with Abby. Not only described, but documented, online, years before I ever saw this lady's presentation. I have written, for example, that Abby communicates by "thought bursts"--that they are so fast, that they whiz by before I even get a chance to have any thoughts of my own. And that it has taken me time to learn to discern them from the thoughts which arise from my own subconscious. This woman's description was almost identical, in so many words. I didn't get this from the prevailing wisdom, or from literature--I got it from my own observations. She, likewise, got it from her own observations. I have never seen her before last night--probably she knows nothing of me. This doesn't rise to the level of science, because these observations don't have the proper controls in place. But it would rise to the level of what they call, in psychology, "field observations." In other words, it is a step beyond mere imagination, as most skeptics would charge.

Abby was my past-life first wife, partner and soul-mate. She is now my spirit guide, my astral wife, and my collaborator. It was she who co-authored the original treatment of "A Christmas Carol"; and it was she for whom "The Raven" and "Annabel Lee" were written, by Mathew Franklin Whittier (i.e., myself). She was both a poetic and musical prodigy. She died of consumption (TB) in 1841, and has not reincarnated since then. With the help of two different psychic mediums--both of whom have proved their genuineness by making a number of historically verified hits--I was able to reconnect with her. The first medium told me that she (the medium) almost called me an hour before the appointment, because she had been receiving blasts of images all that time, i.e., from Abby, presumably because Abby was so excited to finally talk with me.

This is way, way, way beyond most people's boggle threshold. Note that each of these "items" is unintelligible to each of the other groups. Lee Camp and David Cobb couldn't deal with numbers 2 and 3. The faith-based Christians couldn't deal with numbers 1 and 3. And the psychic who regularly speaks with her spirit guides probably (though not definitely) wouldn't truck with numbers 1 and 2.

I truck with all of them; but I see problems with all of them.

I'm pausing, because that was all I really wanted to say. There must be some pithy observation to add, but really, that's it. I suppose I could wrap up by saying that if you can see the truth in numbers 1, 2, and 3--I don't mean in the abstract, or by invoking the omni-liberal mantra, "it's all good," I mean, wholeheartedly, seeing Truth in each--then you will be ready to understand my presentation.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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