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I am torn between wanting to write, and wanting to finish up keying in all of my past-life work from 1832. I'm going to compromise by providing a link to a typical page from the New York "Constellation." Here, myself in that lifetime--Mathew Franklin Whittier, younger brother of poet John Greenleaf Whittier--is acting as the unnamed junior editor of the paper. Mathew appears to have done this on a regular basis. When this publication first came to my attention, the distinct memory-feeling came to me that the editor, Dr. Asa Greene, was pretty much a hands-off employer who was just as happy to let me (i.e., Mathew) run the paper, and that it was a side-project for him. I then learned that he owned a bookstore in NYC, and his own editorials make it clear that he found it irksome to come up with enough fresh ideas to fill a weekly paper. Mathew, however, was like an overflowing spring of new material. It appears that he ran the editorial page for most of the editions. As for myself, I had severe writer's-block all my life, until I re-discovered this past life. Then, as you can see by a quick glance at the "Archives" (linked at the bottom of the page), it lifted, and has never troubled me since.

What I'm going to do, is to provide one of those pages for your perusal, as I get them from my researcher, who has permission to photograph them in the historical library. I'll make a pdf of for download, rather than take the time to proofread my just-keyed-in copy, and then code it in HTML. It might be more interesting to see the original item, anyway.

What you're seeing, here, is a "Hickory Quaker," which is to say, a Quaker by background but not by formal practice, or outward appearance, who is addressing himself to America's "Babylon." Mathew could have been a minister; except that there was no pulpit liberal enough to accept him. So he used the pulpit of the editorial page, instead. But he was not drawing exclusively on Christian teachings. Even at age 20 (he has just turned 20 ten days earlier), he has embibed wisdom from a number of sources. First of all, he has studied the great British social commentators and satirists of the 18th century; he has read the classics, especially from ancient Greece; and, via tutoring from his future wife, Abby Poyen, he has learned deep metaphysics, including, as it appears, Hermeticism. So he is bringing all of these sources, in addition to his Quaker background, to bear on the task of uplifting and instructing the City of New York. Later, in 1834/35, he will write the "blotter," or as they called it, the "Police Office" reports, for Asa Greene's next venture, the "Transcript." There, he will report in an entertaining way, so as to provide moral instruction by way of negative example.

Something I wrote in the previous entry keeps ringing in my mind--that a correct understanding of reincarnation means 100% accountability, and brings back an accurate understanding of heaven and hell after death. I was thinking, this morning, as I mentally scan the mess our Society is in, how much this bears on the problem. We are a Godless society; we have lost our way morally, and conceptually. We have lost the fear of hell, and the incentive of heaven; but what has replaced them? Science? A house, a car, a job? Hedonistic pleasures? Social improvements? But here's the Catch-22--you can't achieve social improvements in this atmosphere. It's like trying to breathe deeply and exercise in a polluted room. You have to have a correct understanding of God, man's place in the universe, and life after death in order to achieve social improvements. You think I jest, perhaps. But Materialism is toxic; and we are seeing the effects of it, now.

As for Science, it can be a legitimate tool for pursuing truth; but it is corrupted by Materialism. Wrap your mind around that--Science is not Materialism, it is corrupted by Materialism. When Science was still grounded in Metaphysics, it was real Science. When Metaphysics became corrupted by superstition and ignorance, Materialism was a reactionary response to superstition and ignorance, such that the baby of Metaphysics got thrown out with the bathwater. Poor Science got caught in the crossfire. (And if you think that Materialistic "Science" gets results, you should see the results that real Science could get.) Ignorant cynics always resort to "straw man"; they are drawn to disparage what has descended down to their own level, without seeing the higher levels. So Materialists disparage corrupted Metaphysics, and think they have handily dispensed with the real thing. They haven't.

This is why I hammer away at reincarnation, year after year after lonely year. Reincarnation--or the denial of it--is the weakest chink in the armor of Materialism. They can try to do "damage control" with materialistic explanations for it, if they can't gainsay it--but reincarnation as I am presenting it in my study, admits of no such explanations. Therefore, I am ignored. Fine. My presentation isn't quite ready, and the timing is in wiser hands than mine, in the spirit-realm. I hate to say it, but I strongly suspect that the timing is going to be, that people are on their knees gasping for breath and begging for mercy. Something is going to have to make them want the truth of these things. Not just my own study, of course; but the truth beyond Materialism. It seems to me we are coming very close to the edge. It is all very easy to conceptualize--just think of Society as an addict, and Materialism as the drug. We are even now hitting "rock bottom."

Oh, I should mention that New York City, in 1832, was in the midst of a raging cholera epidemic, which we now know is caused by unsanitary conditions. Back in February, when there were reports coming in of the cholera in Europe, and Mathew noticed that the worst outbreaks were occurring in the least-sanitary towns, he urged the city authorities to embark on a massive clean-up campaign. His advice, of course, went unheeded. Thus do patterns repeat from lifetime-to-lifetime.

Got it?

Here is a typical page that I'm keying from--this is the editorial page of the New York Constellation of July 28, 1832, and all of this is my own past-life work, as Mathew Franklin Whittier.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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