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This videotape was shot early in the In Another Life project in 1998 (two years before John Edward's television show, Crossing Over), when I had the idea to corroborate Jeff's past-life memories with a past-life psychic reading. In hindsight I'm not sure what it would have proven, because a skeptic could always say that ESP was at work, but that it still doesn't prove reincarnation. The psychic would have had to come up with historical information that Jeff didn't know at the time and which wasn't readily available, but which could have been unearthed later on from an obscure source.

I had difficulty arranging a session, and managed to secure permission to videotape this one with Candace Zellner of Atlanta, Georgia at the last minute. I did not know of Candace before this, and I was careful to give her no information about Jeff at all. What you see in the beginning of the video is all that Candace knew about him, i.e., his name and his birth date and time.

The very first thing she describes matches uncannily with a description Jeff had previously written, about a lifetime as a "Fusilier" or British special-forces officer being dropped behind enemy lines, and in France, during WWII. These memories came to Jeff in a flashback experience during meditation. I am including the relevant portion of the manuscript (click here or see link at bottom of page) so you can compare it yourself with the first part of the psychic reading.

Keep in mind as you watch the video, that Jeff's occupation in his current lifetime is that of an assistant fire chief. Apparently there are consistent themes that run through Jeff's lifetimes and which he relates to strongly. Again, Candace did not know what Jeff's occupation is when she gave the reading.

After the portion of the reading you will see here, which appeared to be the natural ending, I persisted by asking if there was information about the past life just before the most recent one (i.e., John B. Gordon). At this point Candace knew that the past life we were seeking information on had been in Georgia (because she asked where it was when I made this request). She said that the images were disjointed, that they weren't flowing as they had for the previously-given two lifetimes. Apparently, Candace gets information, via visual images and subjective feelings, from disincarnate entities, or disembodied people in the astral plane. And it seemed as though these entities did not want to give information about the Gordon lifetime. That interpretation sounds like "sour grapes" on my part, except that her information about Jeff's most recent lifetime so accurately matched Jeff's own memories. That being the case, I conclude that Candace is genuine, but that there was some "policy" reason that the kind of information I wanted about Gordon, i.e., "You were General John B. Gordon in this lifetime", was not allowed.

As I think about it, suppose the spirits had, in fact, given this information? One of two things would have resulted. Either people would have accepted that it provided rock-solid proof; or else people would have scoffed, assuming it had to be a fraud. Because, who would have believed it? People would have assumed, understandably, that I had slipped Candace an extra $50 under the table.

I also suspect that proof is not always allowed from the other side. A few people appear to be given the authority to provide it. I'm not sure why, though I can think of several possibilities. I do know that in practice it is very difficult to obtain. A thousand obstacles seem to stand in your way when you try to prove something like reincarnation. Dr. Stevenson, Dr. Rieder, Captain Robert Snow, Arthur Guirdham and a few others who have obtained various types and levels of proof appear to be exceptions, and I know it hasn't been a bed of roses for them, either. Each of them had to be doggedly persistent. Over the course of five years I was able to find a couple fairly strong cases in addition to Jeff's, but I never could obtain solid proof for them.

So, when I asked the spirits (through Candace) for more information, despite the disjointed nature of the images she received, she gave a scenario (not included in this video) of a man in the South coming across a lynching. The man was foul-mouthed and angry, Candace said, and he may have taken matters into his own hands by killing one of the white people responsible with a shotgun, as Candace inferred from what she saw.

Now, I had the opportunity twice to go through General Gordon's personal correspondence at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. I read the letters he wrote to his wife from the battlefield, letters by his children, descriptions of the plantation life. I never ran across any reference to Gordon discovering a lynching--or, for that matter, anything negative or any secrets of any kind. All the letters are extremely elevated in tone, whether by the custom of the time, or by selective culling, I don't know.

What was interesting is the personality of Gordon that emerged from the family papers. Gordon was very religious, and I would even call him a mystic. He was a devoted husband and father, and believed, correctly or not, in the moral rightness of the cause he fought for. I gather his attitude toward blacks was paternalistic, not cruel but not perceiving blacks as equals. Had such a person come across a lynching, he might have reacted in the way Candace suggested. Although the description of a "foul-mouthed" man doesn't seem to match what I saw in the family correspondence, I understand he was known to have a temper. But what's more important to me is that Candace's description of Jeff's overall character, as expressed over a number of lifetimes, is consistent with the character of John Gordon as I found it emerging from his family papers. I was surprised to find, in Gordon, the same combination of mystic, leader and man of action that is clearly manifested in Jeff Keene's personality.

Note, for example, the following excerpt from Gordon's book, "Reminiscences of the Civil War," regarding soldiers who seemed to have foreknowledge of their impending death in battle:

"It would require a volume simply to record without comment the hundreds of such presentiments in both the Union and Confederate armies during the war. The few here noted will suffice, however, to raise the inquiry as to what they meant. They were perceptions. There was about them no element of speculation. Their conspicuous characteristic was certainty. The knowledge seemed so firmly fixed that no argument as to possible mistake, no persuasion, could shake it. Where did that knowledge come from? It seems to me there can be but one answer, and that answer is another argument for immortality. It was the whispering of the Infinite beyond us to the Infinite within us a whispering inaudible to the natural ear, but louder than the roar of battle to the spirit that heard it."

My failure to obtain confirmation of the Gordon lifetime aside, an overall picture of Jeff's multi-incarnational karma began to emerge for me from this reading, and from bits Jeff had written about in his manuscript and described to me personally. As a Druid priest, he had seen his village burned by the Romans. In the lifetime as a leader of an Indian community near Mexico, he had used fire to rebel against the oppressive government (as described by Candace). As a general in the Civil War, he had helped lead the rebellion against the North, which one supposes he subjectively experienced as an oppressive government. In the next lifetime, he had been a British special-forces officer dropped behind enemy lines, fighting the oppressive Nazi regime. And in this lifetime, he is an assistant fire chief, using his military leadership skills to save lives--from fire, as he no-doubt wished he could have done in the Druid priest lifetime when the Romans attacked.

I should mention that it was Jeff's impression that Candace tended to mix elements of several of his past lives together. Thus, when speaking of the British lifetime, she mentions him possibly being a general, and so-on. This isn't too surprising since her method appears to rely on interpreting flashes of visual images and feelings.

Jeff has obtained glimpses of his past lives through spontaneous experiences, through meditation (not hypnosis), and through a few psychic readings. He describes the entire process in his book, which at the time of the reading was tentatively titled Not Yet.

Excerpt from an early draft of Jeff Keene's manuscript, "Not Yet," written before the reading, which corresponds closely to the first lifetime the psychic describes in the reading.


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