Americans Who Have Been Reincarnated
H.N. Banerjee

Published in 1980, this book anticipates by 23 years almost the exact same theme and format as "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America," although I had not read this book when I began work on the documentary in 1997. Of course, the experts and cases cited predate those in the film. Dr. Banerjee painstakingly presents the case for the ubiquity of reincarnation experiences among Americans, creating the same general categories that I used: children spontaneously remembering previous lives, adult flashback experiences, and past-life therapy, including both hypnotic and non-hypnotic technques. "In Another Life" further delves into the influence of Eastern spiritual teachers, which Dr. Banerjee mentions but does not document.

Dr. Banerjee also addresses the prejudice prevailing in America which causes the subject of reincarnation to be suppressed in the general culture, despite so many Americans having past-life memory experiences, and despite its extremely effective use in therapy. However, he attributes this prejudice primarily to Western organized religion, downplaying, to some extent, the influence of materialism and reductionism. ("In Another Life" was just the opposite, focusing more on the influence of materialism and less on religion.)

This book is remarkable for its thoroughness in citing the top researchers and therapists (as of 1980), and for presenting a large number of strong, well-documented cases. It would make an excellent introduction for anyone who wants an overview of reincarnation in America.


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