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"Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit," by Stephen Sakellarios, was released on June 2, 2012. Stephen reconnected with Abby in the course of researching his first book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," finding that they had both pledged to stay together after she died in 1841, but that he had not been able to believe strongly enough in her survival to fulfill his part of agreement. Stephen learned that Abby still loved him and was waiting for him, and that they could pick up where they left off.

Obviously this was more than Stephen could include in his researching findings, so he saved this part of the story for a second book. Abby asked that this book be more from the heart, and gave Stephen a glimpse of how she envisioned it--simple, straightforward, with delightful illustrations and short chapters. Accordingly, "Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit" was born. We hope that it will not only be fun and thought-provoking, but that it will prove inspirational to couples who similarly wish to continue their relationship after the death of one member of their "soul mate" team. By reading how we learned to have a relationship across the "great divide," we hope that you, too, may learn to do it. We know your solutions won't be just like ours, but seeing the hurdles we crossed may give you some ideas, or at least give you the courage of knowing you aren't alone.

If you wish to share any part of your story in the Guestbook, please keep in mind that it is public, and think carefully before leaving any information that might identify you to employers, friends or relatives you may not be ready to share this with. If, at some point in the future, it seems that there is a need for an interactive forum, I will set one up. I do feel that the time will come when couples who are attempting this kind of relationship will benefit from comparing notes and encouraging each other.

You may want to read Abby's journal (blog), which will help you get to know her better. She has posted to it quite often, via channeling, and she's a lot of fun for a Victorian!

Thank you for visiting this site, for purchasing the book, and for keeping an open mind about what we are doing and sharing.

Stephen & Abby

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