Jeffrey J. Keene was born in Danbury, Connecticut in 1947 and grew up in the town of Westport, CT, attending Staples High School. He joined the Air Force following his graduation in 1965. Following basic training, Keene specialized as a medic. While serving in Texas, Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey; he rose to the rank of sergeant, and received an honorable discharge in 1969. After returning to Westport, Keene joined the town's fire department in 1976. In his twenty-seven years in the fire service, Keene studied Fire Science at Norwalk State Technical College and attended Delaware State Fire School, where he progressed to the Fire Instructor level. One of the state's first Hazardous Materials Technicians, he also developed a Mock Crash Program to educate local high school students on the dangers of drinking and driving, gaining recognition for his efforts from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Jeffrey Keene is a decorated firefighter and presently an Assistant Fire Chief with the Westport, Connecticut Fire Department. Asst. Chief Keene has spent the last fifteen years as a shift commander and is charged with the development and implementation of Standard Operation Procedures for the department. An accomplished Civil War researcher and speaker (having visited most of the major battle sites in the North and South) he has lectured on Civil War topics to groups ranging from elementary students to peer experts. His story was featured on the Arts and Entertainment Network's documentary "Beyond Death" and Uri Geller's Talk America Radio show Para Science and Beyond. Mr. Keene makes a strong case for reincarnation in his book titled Someone Else's Yesterday. Through years of research and travel, he has amassed compelling evidence of a former life during the American Civil War; that of Confederate General John B. Gordon. Keene resides with his wife Anna in Trumbull, Connecticut; he has two children (Shannon and Samantha) and three stepchildren (Todd, Kathy and Adam).


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