Abby's journal



June 28, 2018


This morning, Steve had a little down-time, and I gave him the thought that I wanted him to watch more videos of John Edward reading audiences. He has been watching them lately, but I specifically wanted him to watch more. So what does he do? He starts watching another medium who identified a murderer. Then his computer shut down!

Would I do that? I have something important on my mind, something to get done. So he promises he will start watching John Edward just as soon as he watches this other session, and he does.

He watches one, and then another one. This one is a very, very long reading. It goes on for almost half an hour, the same couple. At the very, very end of it, John says there is some experience of seeing a look-alike (to their late son); and then he explains his theory that a loved one in spirit can deliberately arrange for a person who looks very similar to show up in your life, as a sign. More than this, John feels that the person in spirit can actually "overlay" their energy onto this person, so that you will experience them as you experienced your loved one. Even to mannerisms, he says.

This is what I wanted Steve to see--what I was leading him to. You see, we lead step-by-step-by-step. We can become expert, here, at "connecting the dots," or leading you from one synchronicity, to another, down a series of them. It is like playing trick billiards, I have told Steve--we hit this ball, and it bounces into that ball, which careens into the third ball--and so-on.

Back in my entry of June 8th, I talked about this. I had done this for Steve, when he was longing to see me, physically. Of course I can't do that for him (not yet); but I can do this. He feels guilty; but when he saw this young lady, it was almost as though he was seeing me. He dared not stare. He looked twice--which is more than he usually will permit himself to do. But I had arranged it. I wasn't jealous, because I knew it was me he was seeing in her place.

Now. There is another ball I am trying to hit. One of you has had this experience, and is questioning it. (Or perhaps is about to have it, Steve isn't sure which.) I will simply leave this with you, as John Edward might say. Let it go straight to your heart, as it is meant to do. Don't block it with skepticism. Skepticism can protect you from being made a fool of--but it can also get in your way, and in our way, when we are trying to reach you.

Love to each and all,