Abby's journal



June 25, 2018


Steve is just about over his cold, he worked one shift today, and has some more time off. He's been writing blog entries and refining them for the last several days. He's talking about our having written the original of "A Christmas Carol," and his having written "The Raven," before Poe stole it. He gave plenty of good evidence, and of course it simply seems to bounce off his audience--such as it is.

So he is asking the question, "Who do you tell?" Meaning, when you have something astounding and significant to reveal, who, actually, can you tell about it?

Because people assume, if it's good enough--if it's big enough news--all you'd have to do is reveal it.

Well, it turns out there's nobody to tell.

And Steve was going to write about that, but he doesn't want to supplant his current blog entry, just yet. Shall I step up to the plate, and weigh in on the topic?

Why not? :-)

You probably know what I'm going to say. But Steve doesn't know what I'm going to say, so maybe you don't, after all.

It is resonance. And resonance doesn't require any outward visible signs or means. If someone resonates with you strongly enough, they will find you. Because that part of yourself which is in the astral realm, finds you "just like that," the way that we find each other, here. So when that part of you is connected, the physical earth finds some way to accommodate that.

Does that make sense?

On the other hand, someone else can be standing right in front of you, and they can listen to an hour-long explanation, and if they don't resonate with you, even though their body is right in front of you, their heart and mind are miles away. They aren't even hearing what you are saying.

So first of all, it is all resonance.

Now, there is mass resonance, and there is individual resonance. A mass resonance is set up when someone, or something, becomes hugely fashionable. The collective mind is set vibrating all at the same pitch, like a tuning fork. Steve avoids this.

Lower animals need this ability, to function smoothly together in flocks, and schools, and such. Human beings have it, also, but it is something to be very, very cautious about. The higher functioning person has abandoned it, and looks instead for individual resonance.

There is no mass resonance for what Steve is doing. It does not appeal to the masses. And this is no accident. It would have to be polluted, in order for the resulting mixture to have any mass appeal. So it is a good sign that our work has no mass appeal. We would start worrying that we were doing something very profoundly wrong, if it did.

Even though we are showing soul-mates that it is possible to overcome grief, and resume an active relationship, our message has no mass appeal. Doesn't that strike you as odd? My little book costs $7.00. Wouldn't you think it would sell sometimes? (Steve thinks a copy hasn't sold in well over a year, now.)

Now, what about individual appeal? That is there--but the individuals are few and far between. This is a dark age, a dark time. Wait until the next generation, the children who are coming in, now--and who will come in, in the next 25 years or so. You would be surprised how different they will be. Like night and day. The world may be in a crisis by the time they mature and take over the planet. The planet will need them.

Some of them will resonate with our work, both Steve's, and mine.

That's really all. It's a simple answer. The right people have to be on earth, to resonate with work which is ahead of its current time. There is no particular mystery about this, is there?

Love to each and all,