Abby's journal



June 21, 2018


Didn't I just write? Indeed, and for me, it was practically like setting down one piece of paper and picking up the next. But Steve feels like writing--it relaxes him, but he wants to leave his most-recent "Update" in place. So I am amenable to channeling. Why not? Would you not do the same for your husband?

Steve, casting about for something to watch on YouTube, has stumbled upon a series of well-done documentaries about people with extreme conditions--extreme memory, extreme sleep problems, and so-on. They are not "gawky" as one might expect--they are compassionate, sensitive and considerate. Cudoes to the producers for this, for eschewing the sensational and, instead, bringing the human touch to their subject. Perhaps (I am giving Steve to feel), they participated in the "freak show" practice of the 19th century, and must make up the karma by presenting these people in a kinder way. Do you think that could be true?

Steve looks at these cases, and wracks his brain trying to figure out what the karma is. I don't offer insights, generally, because it would fall into the category of "prying," and prying is heartily discouraged here, in my realm. We can see everything about a person if we so-choose--but we can deliberately not see, and therefore, there is a (Steve is struggling for phrasing, here) there is a general understanding, shall we say, that one should not "pry."

But there are karmic--not "reasons," as Steve was about to write--well, he is having trouble, today! It is all of a piece. You understand. Nothing "happens in a vacuum," they say, and this is very much true of karma.

One documentary showcased a number of people with narcolepsy; and the loyalty of a wife who cares for her husband, as he struggles with this condition. Another show featured a young couple with two children, one of which can't sleep at night. She seems to be acting out her dreams, and relating to unseen people. Steve wants to know, is she interacting with spirits? It seems pretty obvious. The famous mediums say, in interviews, that they saw spirits when they were children. Sadly, none of the doctors are considering this possibility. To them, it all has to be about the physical brain. Thus does Materialism do a disservice to so many people...

Steve feels he might be at a crossroads. He has explained some of his evidence, in his own blog, about as clearly as he will ever be able to explain it. Not as regards past-life memories, but as regards the writing that he did as Mathew, which was falsely attributed to other writers. It is hard enough to get scholars to admit to this much--and they know that when they do--if they admit that Steve was right about this--they have the bugaboo of reincarnation to deal with. So it would be much, much more convenient if he was wrong.

But here, it looks as if he was right, and that he has done his homework correctly. What Pandora's Box does that open? And who is man enough (or woman enough) to open it, i.e., to open it publicly? Would the resulting ridicule, by their peers, ruin their own careers? Quite possibly. It would take someone who was so dedicated to the truth, that they were prepared to enter that "lions' den" willingly.

Look at the courage of that wife, whose husband falls suddenly asleep at the drop of a hat, and will continue to do so (so far as she knows) the remainder of their married life, together. She is stressed to the max, as they say, but she is loyal. Look at that young couple. They filmed them overnight, and you see the little girl bouncing around, talking to unseen people, gesturing and moving her hands, climbing on her parents, while they try to get enough sleep to function the next day. They don't dare leave her alone at night, lest she hurt herself. Her father is a soldier--but what courage does it take for both of them to do this, for their daughter?

So there are heroes and heroines in the world. Perhaps one of them, in the academic community, will take Steve's part. It is yet possible, and always possible.

Steve thinks that would be a good place to end, but he also feels I'm not finished. But what else do I want to say?

Of course, should anyone take Steve's part--recognizing that his research is sound--they would have to deal with me, as well. Not with me per se, as though I would do anything to them (you understand), but the mere fact of our public channeling. If only we did it privately, you see.

You know, like the 28th governor of Pennsylvania, who was also a prime mover in the Conservation movement. Or one of Ralph Waldo Emerson's respected mentors.

The timing in all this is tricky, and fluid. I can't explain. I get my orders from "on high." I facilitate, I don't originate, when it comes to Steve's work being publicly recognized. The entire thing is reconfigured second-by-second, is the best I could explain it. This is why predicting the future can be so seemingly inconsistent. There is an analogy, but Steve isn't quite getting it. Well, chess would do, or billiards, but it wasn't those I was thinking of. Nor battle (heaven forbid!). Okay, your computer screen is refreshed every millisecond. Is that correct? Steve would have to look it up. So, when planning the future, every time a new variable is introduced, it changes the entire "field," which then gets "refreshed." The end of the thing is already seen, as what I have described to Steve as an "energy nexus." It is already there; but how to get to it changes, with each refresh, moment-by-moment.

Therefore, we know it is going to happen, but we don't know when and exactly how it will happen. Actually, we do know--for each refresh. But we don't know these things for the next refresh.

Sorry if that is confusing. It does appear that the sinus portion of Steve's cold is kicking in, even though he was hoping he had circumvented it. That will keep him away from his eldercare work for several days. We need that several days to re-arrange things in his world. But what will happen after that refresh, is another story. It might look just like the world he occupies, now. But it might look radically different.

Love to each and all,