Abby's journal



June 18, 2018


Steve has been studying fairies, and UFO abductions, lately, for something to do, and to educate himself. These are situations where the astral world touches the physical world. I don't spend time there, except occasionally to give Steve an "electric kiss" (an electric touch, usually on his forehead, as a sign of affection and reassurance). Once I gave him a full electric embrace, as some of you may remember. I never manifest physically; the closest I go is this kind of physical energy; and that, rarely. I prefer for him to try to raise himself to my level, as much as he can.

Steve is tired from work...what can we talk about? I don't want to write an entry about these earth/astral interactions. They are almost infinite in nature; but they have that one thing in common. There are much higher realms; but it's an opening door for some people, to realize that there is "something more" than their ordinary life.

Steve has also been sounding more of a sour note, lately, as regards his work--our work--not being appreciated or understood. I have told him many times that it is all a matter of timing. You don't want to give your child his graduation car, when he graduates from grade school, for obvious reasons. Some people are able to understand us; but most are not ready for it. Steve must not go public before those people--enough people--are ready. It's that simple. But Steve gets impatient, and I understand. Given what he's "sitting on"--yes, sort of like a huge egg about to hatch--it's a wonder he can muster as much patience as he does.

I had a humorous image of Steve as a huge bird, hatching an egg... ;-)

He doesn't mind. He doesn't remember all of my sense of humor, and it is difficult to convey across the Great Divide in our current situation. It is something he will be re-introduced to when he crosses over and joins me, someday. Now, I am too afraid he will take things the wrong way, or take me seriously when I am joking.

I have no instructions, or admonitions, or advice for anybody today. (Aren't you relieved?) I see Steve's new life in Portland, Maine, and I am pleased. He is beginning to make his own life there, in the Portland of 2018, and not merely try to recapture what it meant to him in the 1800's. That Portland is gone; all the people are gone--and he, himself, is gone! Meaning, he cannot be the same person, because he has not grown up in New England of the 19th century. He doesn't have those memories, those experiences, those personal associations. He hasn't learned the things he learned in that life. So how could he be the same person? It's not only a matter of not having the same body, nor even of not having the same brain. He doesn't have 19th-century America "under his belt" so-to-speak, as his own personal past. He has it from studying newspapers, and from reading what he wrote in that lifetime. That's not the same thing. It can give him hints of it--not the whole person that he was.

We will remember all of that, together, when he comes here. There is no hurry for any of that. That is my attitude about so many of the things that Steve is eager for. Quite soon, Steve will see my face; he will gaze into my eyes; we will meld our essences into one. We will explore; I will show him things; we will sit together on the dock of the lake behind my house--the house I have lovingly prepared for him, down to the minutest detail--and wordlessly sigh, together, as the stars serenade us. Why worry about it? It won't be long. The important thing is for us to act as a team, and get the work done properly, together. That is the thing that can't be done once he crosses over. Once he crosses over, our ability to interact with the world is done--except inasmuch as people may read what we have left them.

Steve seems to be done with the work; and there seems to be nothing left for him to do. And still nobody seemingly responds. So he is restless; and concerned whether everything we have worked for, will turn back to dust again, when he's gone.

I have nothing to say about it. All I will do is occasionally plant one of those "electric kisses" on his brow. He has done the work; that phase is nearing completion. Let whatever is next, come when it's ready. That is the attitude that is best.

I am so very proud of him...

Love to each and all,