Abby's journal



May 31, 2018


We only have a little time before Steve goes to work, so this will be another "mini-entry." My birthday is coming up on the 2nd, and Steve was telling me he wished he knew what to get me... So he wrote me a little prose piece, on just that theme, from his heart. We may post it on my birthday (not now); but I want him to know that having completed the story of our life together is more than enough--the most wonderful present he could ever have given me. He still persists in calling me these exaggerated names, like his "angel" and his "magical girl"--but I suppose I am, now, in a sense ;-).

You may have seen the mediums tell people that their loved one on this side appreciates the speech they gave, or the tree they planted, or the song they composed in their honor. Can you imagine, then, how I feel at Steve having written the story of our life, as a novelette, and so beautifully done? I will go ahead and simply tell you the name and how to buy it (Steve is hesitating): he has titled it "Twin Stars Descending," and you can find it listed on the home page of this website.

There. Have I "plugged" our book? Then, so be it.

I have seen the future of this book, that it will be turned into a movie. And it will warm people's hearts. We won't talk about numbers; we will talk about people's hearts being touched. That is the measure of success of any work of art. But as I watched Steve, I knew he had to complete the story. The whole thing couldn't happen, down the line, unless he wrote it. Now, that series of events can unfold. Steve is the "man on the ground"--unless he does the work, the physical work, the things we are charged with can't unfold. So while I am the "scout," with my vantage point from the astral world, he is the "worker." I can facilitate his work--but I can't do it. That remains the task of the man-on-the-ground, in a partnership like this which spans heaven and earth.

I really do hope you will see fit to read it, someday. If not, you can catch the film next life, or the life after that.

Love to each and all,