Abby's journal



May 28, 2018


I'm sorry to write again so soon, but you know I don't keep to any particular schedule! I have mentioned that occasionally Steve sees a girl who reminds him very much of me, and those subterranean feelings and memories of me get triggered into a sort of "magnetic" feeling of attraction. Since I have explained to him what causes it, he doesn't take it seriously.

Here we have an example from my era, or, some few years after my era. Steve never thought this might be of me; but he was struck by this portrait. This is one Mrs. Priscilla Wilcox; and Steve notices that one interesting feature of it is that it is a positive photographic image, not the reversed image that one would get from a daguerreotype. This probably means it's a copy--because when a daguerreotype was copied with a daguerreotype, it wouldn't be a mirror image anymore.

I wanted to show this to my friends, because I had recently talked about my features, and my big eyes. This girl has big eyes rather like I had, and a delicate mouth and facial structure, as I had. Her nose is more (bless her heart) squared; but my nose, also, was straight. I had a very fair complexion, as she also seems to have. Perhaps her eyebrows are a little more pronounced than mine were, and my hair was more wavy--but also very fine, like Priscilla's. Anyway, it will give you some idea.

Steve looks at it, and he's kind of isn't me (he has my portrait), and see, he is "remembering" me subconsciously. It's a feeling he can't feel; a sight he can't see; yet, the associations are being made. Does that make sense? Steve can't explain what I'm saying, here. Okay, I got it to him--he is remembering me with his heart.

Love to each and all,