Abby's journal



May 27, 2018


It's early morning for Steve, all is quiet, and he has some time before he has to go to work late in the afternoon. He only feels I want to channel; once again, he has no idea of a subject. But he feels me with him; and he also feels I am "with him" as regards his experience in an online group. So I may want to weigh in on that.

Imagination and precision and honesty...when does it matter? I'll give you an example you can all relate to. Have you seen the mediums give grieving people messages from their loved ones, here on my side of life? Is it important to that person whether or not the medium is using his or her imagination? Whether the medium is being precise? Whether that medium is being strictly honest? Of course it does. The real mediums try their utmost to leave their imagination in abeyance; to give precise messages, and to be strictly honest in their work.

Are there false mediums who utilize their imagination, and who are dishonest in their presentation? Of course. Where there's fire, there's bound to be plenty of smoke along with it.

Now, Steve is strictly honest when sharing our work with others, in his blog, and in the online groups he tries out. He is also strictly honest, and also tries not to use his imagination, in this channeling that we are doing. He tries to tune in to my presence, as he has learned to do during the past eight years of our marriage across the Great Divide, and write only what he feels I am giving him to write. Occasionally he may get off the track, but he is honestly trying his best.

It is easy to just let oneself float in imagination, and take me as a fantasy person. It is also easy to uncritically accept everything as my thoughts, 100%; and it is also easy to categorically dismiss the whole thing as nonsense. What's far more difficult, is to remain open, while sticking to the "scent" of truth. This means living in the uncomfortable space between uncertainty, and certainty. Few have the dedication to do that.

Let's cut this short, and make it simple. If you are grieving, and you take everything the medium says as the truth, without bothering to understand how a medium works (or, indeed, whether he or she is genuine, at all), then when you get home, and your neighbor or your husband scoffs, you won't believe it anymore. It won't stay with you. Obviously, if you scoff at the outset, and don't believe a word of it out of cynicism, then it won't stick with you, either (though it may secretly nag at you, some).

Only if it is so important to you, that you study how mediums work, choose a genuine one, and watch carefully to see what facts they communicate that they had no possible, normal way of having known--in other words, if you make them prove it to you, but you also let them prove it to you--will that reading continue to help you after the naysayers have had their say.

So it is with any scientific investigation, and any results that come from that investigation. So it is with our work, together, and the results we obtained.

Steve was telling me (he tells me the most wonderful things :-), yesterday, that it was a cherished time when, as a young couple in the early 1800's, we could make love. But it has also been a magnificent experience, to write our book together, collaborating across the Great Divide, as we did. Studying together, learning together, and collaborating together, were prized couples' activities in the 19th century; as they also are, here in the astral realm. Let me tell you something about the 19th century--we had studied the ways of heaven, and attempted (or, specifically, the Victorians attempted) to replicate it, as much as possible, on earth. This was our particular genius, which has been all but lost in your time.

Studying the ways of heaven was our science. If people in heaven loved to learn together, then we, also, would do that. If people in heaven loved to collaborate on worthwhile projects, then we, too, would do that. If people in heaven wished to serve others, and to guide others on earth, or to help people who were crossing over, then we, too, would do that (including helping people who were dying, because they were crossing over).

So Steve has picked up some of our former habits. We used to study together; and we collaborated on some literary projects. Now, in Steve's current lifetime, with me being still here in heaven, we did the same--and it was a wonderful experience! I am so glad that he feels the same way about it.

Do you know what else Steve does, from our era? He wears my locket. Of course nobody knows it--he keeps it tucked in his shirt, lest someone ask him what it is. But I know.

Well, do you want to hear all that? We have just released the novel* about our young courtship and marriage--a magnificent soul-mate marriage, and as so many of them are, a tragic marriage. Because this world could not contains us, and did not appreciate us or want us. It is the same old story, told again and again by soul-mates. Eventually, they are applauded; but for many lives before then, they are villified and shunned. Eventually, all soul-mate couples have something to gift to the world. But until they do, they are not wanted, and not understood. This makes the gift perfect.

"What else?" Steve says. But isn't that enough? (Steve hardly feels as if he has written anything.)

Love to each and all,

*You can find it in the list of books at the top of my home page, entitled "Twin Stars Descending"--S