Abby's journal



April 29, 2018


Steve has felt all morning that I wanted to channel, today; but that I said, "not yet." I wanted him to complete his own blog entry, first. Now, he still has enough time before work, so we will proceed. He is a bit tired, but that won't hurt us for channeling purposes.

As often is the case, he has no idea of topic, so we will just get rolling here. Sometimes the lead-in is just for the purpose of getting started. It is like getting a ball rolling--and you know that I am working with a very small amount of energy, a very tiny "signal," which means, it is tiny by the time it gets to Steve in the physical realm. I have to expend a lot of energy here, for a small result, there. Why that is, is difficult to explain. I refer you to "The Betty Book" written by Betty's husband, Stuart Edward White. I am telling Steve it is in there.*

So Steve has to get the "ball rolling," as it were, and then I can direct where it goes, more easily.

I am giving Steve the impression of his work. Weekend evenings has him in a nursing home, with mostly demented inmates. The door closes behind him, and for four hours he is amongst them. Now, why am I flashing that scene to him? Where do I want to "go" with this? Steve could just start writing of his own accord, but waits for my further prompting...

This is a ticklish thing to explain. I am going to try, through Steve. Think about your normal consciousness. Now think of your consciousness when you are very tired, and haven't had enough sleep. Now think of it when there is an intoxicant in the brain, of some type. Now think of it during sex. And, of course, at night in dreams.

Steve slept longer than usual, last night, and remembered vividly his dreams before awakening. He and someone else were trying to portage a canoe somewhere. But then in a later scene, he sees someone consulting a virtual person, like a website of the future. This person was quite a character, laughing and joking. But he wasn't real. You would swear he was, as you could ask him questions and converse with him. Behind a large glass panel, Steve's late father was observing the scene with interest.

So in all these states, consciousness is quite different (I won't try to interpret Steve's dream). They are all seen through the brain. Likewise, these poor souls in the nursing home, wandering around lost, are experiencing the world through their diseased brains. The brain, you see, is a inconvenient, Steve can't get the word in the middle of a phrase in italics! It is a virtual world. It is a computer, of sorts. Your real mind is joined to this computer, this virtual device, and you take whatever you experience through it as real. Alter the program, alter the software or hardware, and your mind slavishly must follow suit.

Do you see?

No sooner do you separate from the body, than you are free from this virtual brain-computer. You now experience through our astral body, without going through the additional layer of the physical brain.

What was once acting as your subconscious mind, now comes into its own and begins to function as your conscious mind. It was "subconscious" not because of any inherent inferiority, but because of the position it was placed in, when you took up residence in, and began seeing the world through, your physical brain. That relegated your astral mind to the position of being "subconscious," in other words. Is that clear?

With the physical brain sloughed off, the astral mind asserts its full functioning, and becomes by right the conscious mind.

Now, when I attempt to communicate with Steve--or any astral person attempts to communicate with you (and Steve is typing very rapidly to try to keep up with me, now), he or she communicates to you with his mind--what to him is his fully-conscious mind--but he has to communicate to your subconscious mind. The reason is that what you call your subconscious mind is your real mind. He can't communicate to you through your brain; or, it would be very, very difficult. So he communicates mind-to-mind. Except, to you, now, that is your "subconscious mind."

Do you see how how communication across the Great Divide works? Do you see why mediums must get symbols and feelings through their subconscious mind? It means they have to at least partially separate from the experience had through the physical brain. This is what makes a medium--the ability to jar one's astral body a little bit from the physical, to loosen that slavish dependence on the physical senses. Then, astral senses begin to bleed through. This is how a medium achieves communication.

And I am done for this session :-). (Whew! Steve says.)

Love to each and all,

*I meant to say "The Unobstructed Universe," which is the only one of White's that I've personally read, but maybe Abby meant "The Betty Book" after all, so I won't change it.--S