Abby's journal



April 13, 2018


Steve is a little tired from having just written an entry in his own "blog," but feels that I, also, might like to write. He hadn't realized it has been a full week since my previous entry. I have to keep my public happy! ;-)

I am kidding, of course. I have no such motivation. But I may have other motivation, of which Steve isn't aware.

So, Steve has no idea of topics, here. He only feels me with him, gently guiding his thoughts, even to the choice of specific words. The "signal" is strong, nevermind that Steve is a bit fatigued. So we will start, here.


This neighborhood, Steve's new neighborhood. It is locally called "Woodford's Corner" by the natives in Portland. It is near "Forest Avenue," and there is a railroad track nearby. Now, what was this area in our day, in 1839? Steve hasn't looked it up. But "Forest Avenue" sounds like a road cut through the forest, doesn't it? And "Woodford's corner" would be a ford in a river or stream, in the forest. So you can get a sense of what it must have been like. A former mayor preserved a small section of those woods for a park, which now can be seen off Forest Avenue. How sad...isn't it? Mathew wrote of the benefits of "improvement," even though he loved Nature dearly. He did not foresee a time when Nature would be so much driven back, that she was allotted a small, postage-stamp area along a busy highway, on "Forest Avenue."

Such is progress. But Steve is just warming up, here, and has no idea, still, of my topic--if topic I have.

This way, you can see our channeling process. Steve has shown his readers his own research process, as he says, in "real time," recently. Just so, I want you to see our channeling process, so that you can do it, yourselves (i.e., if you aren't, already--this is for new people).

You can do it if you stay in the middle of two extremes--one extreme being disbelief, and the other being cocky imagination. If you can't believe it's true, even when you get results, that will impede you--and if you just accept anything as real, even when it's actually imagination, that also will impede you. Besides, the second is dangerous, because you might imagine some instruction or guidance that isn't real.

The key is to learn to recognize our presence; and once you have that, to learn "yes" and "no" communication--the very basics--by perceiving what I might call a "presence impulse." We can give you a burst of presence, once you have learnt to recognize it. It is our very own "energy signature," unique to us--which you will recognize through long association, and through the love you have in the deep connection with your soul-mate. Are you with me thus far?

Get "yes or no" as a "presence impulse," and you have it. You have the rudiments of communication, a foundation upon which you can now build in whatever way seems right for you. You can ask any question, and get a yes or no answer to it; gradually, you will get more accurate. Don't be impatient. Don't expect either too much at first, or too little. Fine-tune it. You will learn a great deal about your loved one on the other side, by this method. "Do you live in a house" "Do you have any kind of work?" "Do you still play the drums?" And on and on. You may get some false impressions (coming from your own mind, instead of his), but you can get better and better at this, and gradually, you will tell the difference.

Steve says, "Note that she has not asked you to visualize anything, including a white light." He is always the joker... ;-)

Next, you can actually catch thoughts embedded in this presence. They are very, very quick. They brush past so fast, you might not even see them if you weren't paying close attention. Steve says they are the first, first, first thing, before your mind has a chance to offer any of its own impressions. Look for them. They will have the vibrational stamp of your lover's essence. This will take even more time to get good at. You will have lots of "false positives." But with time and practice, you can learn to distinguish them from your own mental "chatter." Steve says, if it seems that your lover is telling you to eat a bowl of ice cream, watch out! Because whims like this can look like your lover's thought-bursts.

Well, within reason, I don't mind if Steve eats some ice cream (though intensified sugar is best taken only occasionally), but I generally don't prompt him to eat such things! So the point is well-taken.

One must keep one foot on the practical, logical earth, and another in the daring skies, for this to work. Do you see what I mean? It is a difficult balance. But if you can do that, you will start to see verifications, such as the professional mediums attempt to provide for their clients. When did we have them, in our communication? I have shared these with you, already, and you can find them in my back entries. Mostly, they are "proof" only in the sense that they could be proof; occasionally, privately, I have given Steve proof that could not be interpreted any normal way. He has had enough of these that he no-longer questions, after eight years of marriage across the Great Divide, whether I am real, or whether our relationship is real. The point is, that you, too, can achieve this level of confidence, if you persist at this communication.

And that is all I wanted to say.

Love to each and all,