Abby's journal



March 9, 2018


As this is sort of a closed group--inasmuch as the general public can't easily stumble upon it, at least--we will speak a bit more freely. (But Steve only feels prompted to say this much, not knowing what I may want to speak more freely, about.)

I have said that Steve will meet old karmic connections in his new life in Portland, Maine, and that is coming to pass. He also sees that he is being presented with tests, which he is passing nicely. This means things like girls he finds attractive, or marijuana (which is legal in Maine) at the group house where he lives. Tests also include survival skills, meaning, new challenges like getting established in a new city, meeting and adjusting to new people, obtaining employment, and even driving in winter weather. There are so many challenges, coming "fast and furious," that he feels himself in a whirlwind. But I did say that he was entering a new karmic phase; the physical part of this is not the main thing. One would have to see the energy vortexes as I do, to see the real causes at work.

Picture someone jumping from one whirlpool to another, and you will get the idea. I gave Steve "tornado," but that is too destructive; except that a whirlpool is in water. So, picture an air whirlpool ;-).

Now suppose they aren't even rotating in the same direction, and you will get some idea of the stress on Steve as he tries to adjust. Because the thrust of his previous "whirlpool" was--he is pausing--failure, while the thrust of this one is success. That means that in the first one, no matter what he tried to do, things got worse, although he was supported so he "just got by"; but in this one, no matter how many mistakes he makes, it comes out right and gets better. Steve is thinking of his new GPS--even if you go down a wrong street, "Gertrude" (as he calls the female voice) will calmly and cheerfuly re-direct him so as to get back to the correct route for his destination.

This is not, as you might imagine, an unmitigated blessing. Because when you have a "silver cloud" hanging over you, instead of a "black cloud," you can get complacent, and in the latter stages of it, you can get careless and arrogant. Then you jump, again--and do you have the survival skills, at that point? And the attitude of forbearance? So spiritually, it is better, in some ways, to be under a black cloud, than a silver one! Everything from the spiritual point of view is backwards (Steve says, as one sees reflected in Jesus's teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.) Steve also says he recalls that our Guru, Meher Baba, included the Sermon as one of the portions of the New Testament that was unadulterated and authentic. But, to continue, if you remain under the "black cloud" of misfortune (read, karma) too long, you get a sense of identity as a failure. It has nothing to do with that. But you don't want it to seep into your identity. This teaching, also, is not new with me, and is also taught by our Guru, in a story (which he had also repeated) about a fellow named "Kalyan," as Steve recalls.

Our Guru's teachings influence both what I say, here in my journal, and also everything Steve says in his blog, and elswhere. Don't think this is my wisdom. Even those things not influenced by our Guru, are sometimes drawn by me from higher realms of knowledge. Just as you might watch a how-to video on YouTube first, and then explain to your friend how to replace a watch battery (just say--I let Steve pick the example, "fill-in-the-blanks").

Our eighth anniversary is coming up tomorrrow!!!! This is the anniversary of when psychic Candace Zellner, acting as a medium, brought me and Steve back together again, on March 10, 2010. We had been trying to communicate before then. If you have read our little book, "Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit," you know the story of how I first contacted Steve, and how he realized I was there and began trying to communicate with me. Very, very few of you have bought it. Well, suppose a few more of you did buy it--it would advance Steve's bank account by less than $50. That's nice. Money is not the object--but you are missing out on a nice book, charmingly illustrated. I don't feel disappointed about lack of book sales as Steve does about our larger book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words." But it is simply poignant for me, that people are missing a treat! Perhaps they are afraid of my book, as I have been telling Steve they are afraid of his. Isn't it clear to you all, that we are working for the forces of Light? Would we sell you a scary book? (Sigh...) Perhaps you are still influenced by the old church teachings. But look at what the old church did to us occultists, in Salem? And ask me whether you should be listening to them about these things. You will know whether someone is working for Light, by the reaction and response of your own heart. Not by any jaded authority, which is an authority in name, only, after long decay.

What does our eighth anniversry mean, to me? you have some time? I could channel a book and keep on you know that love knows no end of intensity, being, at its Core, infinite? Only, one must have oneself prepared as a strong, clear channel for it. When you have been intimate friends, partners and lovers with someone for--I am giving Steve the word "hundreds," but it could be more than that--lifetimes, how might you love him? And here, we are free from the obstructions of earth consciousness. How would one love, then???

But this also goes to being soul-mates. The distinguishing feature of soul-mates, is that they love each other equally. Now, you may see couples where one of them is attentive, and the other "takes it in stride." This is normal for non-soul-mate relationships. Always, one of them is "more into it," as they say now, than the other. But soul-mates are equally "into" each other. It is fully, and powerfully, mutual. That way, when it increases in intensity--as love is naturally and inherently wont to do--it doesn't explode. Because you can immediately see that in a lopsided relationship, when love increases--and just try to stop it--the one who is more into it gets increasingly hurt, as the one who is not evolving, in love, doesn't respond in-kind.

But for soul-mates, their love naturally increases in such a way as to keep pace with each other. I am not squeamish about sex--just think of a couple, where one of them is getting increasingly aroused, and the other isn't. At some point, it's going to be a problem. So, sex is just the physical reflection of love (or, that isn't all it is, but it is that). All relationships that aren't soul-mate relationships, are like that. The exception is what I have given to Steve as a "rock-along" relationship, where it is "good enough." This can happen if neither person cares, but these don't last long unless there is some external worldly force holding them together for a time. But it can happen with relationships which, based on past life interactions, are primarily and essentially friendships. These are friends who have entered into a marriage, and hence, have included sex along with dinner, and movies, and fixing up the house, etc. (I don't usually use "etc.," but I will deliberately use it, here.) This kind of relationship is precisely as good as the friendship is. It is better if they both are honest about what it is, and build it on that basis. Occasionally, such couples just decide to be friends. (Soul-mates, being forced apart, could never be "just friends," so people who can easily be "just friends," were probably friends to begin with.) Obviously, if one person imagines the other is their soul-mate, and the relationship breaks apart, the one who didn't imagine it for him or herself, can blithely say, "let's just be friends," while the other one--who imagines she lost her soul-mate--can't bear it. That's not the same situation, at all.

Steve and I are soulmates; when he was Mathew, we were soul-mates. In the future, even if, someday, we swap genders, we will be soul-mates. If we happen to incarnate with the same sex body, which might happen on rare occasions, we will still be soul-mates. Try to tell soul-mates they should not fully join together! You will be shouting into the wind. They have hundreds, or thousands, of intimate lifetimes together, behind them--try to tell them it is not morally right for them to marry! They will tell you, "You know nothing about love!"

So what is, shall we say, karmically complicating for everyone else, can be morally right for soul-mates, because it is based on lifetimes and lifetimes of love; and because of the quality and depth of their love, together.

I never think in terms of wrong, or sin, or anyone being bad. I think in terms of karmic complications, in future lifetimes. If a fisherman snarls his monofilament line on his reel, is he a bad person? (He may or may not be a bad fisherman, but it happens to the best of them.) But he has a job on his hands, doesn't he? It's like that.

We won't stay on that topic. People make too much of it and misinterpret it too readily.

Now, Steve has this new job as a caretaker of elderly people. And he is being told, in training, to humor people with dementia. That means, if you can't distract them to another line of thought, you must lie to them, or participate in their delusions. But Steve has trained himself for many years to tell the absolute truth. I told you that he is in a new karmic situation. But there is precedent for this even in his Guru's life, with what he called "masts." Masts are people who have become so powerfully intoxicated with their inner consciousness of God's presence, and in some cases, their direct sight of Him, that they lose the ability to function normally on earth. They appear to be insane, but if it is insanity, it is a royal insanity. The book about Meher Baba's work with masts is called "The Wayfarers." People haven't discovered it, yet. This is a work for a more enlightened posterity; but you may take a peak at it, if you feel drawn to it.

So our Guru would occasionally instruct his followers, when caring for these august men and women, to humor them, never to upset them or challenge them. The same, more-or-less, goes for elderly people in dementia.

But are not even ordinary people in a kind of "normal dementia"? So should you humor them? Steve doesn't tell people that he is married. He wears a gold Turkish puzzle ring on his marriage finger (as I do--we both put them on, on the beach, at night, soon after that psychic reading on March 10, 2010). It can thus be taken either way. But generally, people don't ask. Occasionally, someone will hint that they want Steve to meet women, or want him to meet this or that specific woman. He humors them, and redirects--just as he is being trained to do with elderly persons! Isn't that interesting? But if Steve told them the blunt truth, would they receive it? No. They would receive some garbled version that they have misinterpreted. So Steve would, as far as the entire process of "sending" and "receiving" is concerned, actually be telling them a falsehood, if he told them the truth! Mull that around in your mind for awhile... ;-)

So Steve will generally tell people as much as he knows they will understand correctly, which usually is very little.

Our books, and our respective journals, are different. They are written on a different principle. Here, we tell the complete truth; and the filtering process occurs, not by how much we say, but by who becomes attracted to what we say, and how much they stick with it. You see that our journals are read by a handful of people; but that our books are almost entirely left alone. Mine sells on rare occasions--Steve's book (the larger one) might sell one or two copies per year. Meanwhile, no-one outside our Guru's "fold," buys "The Wayfarers." So you can see the progression, of how far these things are ahead of their time.

Does that mean that my book is really bad, Steve's book is even worse, and "The Wayfarers" is awful? Hardly.

Steve's book is so advanced, that even the foremost living scientific researcher into reincarnation, Dr. Jim Tucker, won't read it. If that gives you any idea.

Now, what excuse people give for not reading it, and the other books, is simply irrelevant. You say you don't have time? My book is very short. A friend read it in one sitting, not being able to put it down. Yet, it, too, doesn't sell. Hmmm....

Do you think it affects me, here, whether I sell books on earth, or not?

One has to turn one's head around--and concomitantly, one's values--from what Society (and in particular, commercialized Society) has been teaching you since childhood. One has to turn oneself backwards, as Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount.

Love to each and all,