Abby's journal



January 13, 2017


This will be short, but we just want to make an announcement. Steve will have to move and look for a job, and he may start making some inquiries before he moves, by e-mail and phone. If so, he can't shoot himself in the foot, he feels, by risking prospective employers discovering he is a modern-day "Elmer P. Dowd" with a "Pooka," if they find his website by a little judicious online searching of his name. They may find it anyway, but he doesn't want to make it easy for them, and I agree.

Fate may intervene, of course, but one has to try one's reasonable best.

So don't be alarmed--I have given Steve an ingenious solution. What we will do, is to continue to channel this journal, but simply remove the outward link on the home page. Therefore, people like you who are "in-the-know," can simply go to the home page as you always do. You are even free to tell anyone else about it, who might be in need of the information, or who you feel might enjoy our presentation. It will simply not show up on the home page of the "In Another Life" website, for awhile, while Steve is applying for jobs. It actually, I am telling him, might preclude his being able to get an apartment, no less a job. Shunning is a terrible thing--an insidious thing, like invisible, odorless poison gas. You aren't even aware when it is killing you. Just, the phone doesn't ring; e-mails aren't returned; and it all seems like an extended run of bad luck, until you are reduced to poverty.

That is all I wish to channel, today. Exactly when Steve will put this into effect, isn't certain, yet. Just as soon as he begins making inquiries, probably.

Love to each and all,