Abby's journal



December 1, 2017


Recently, Steve was organizing the files on his computer, and he happened to come across a screen-capture of the article he had looked up, trying to determine what culture, if any, recommended using separate towels for the top and bottom halves of the body. I had mentioned this a few entries back. He had just gotten this feeling from me, as part of my suggestions for his health and well-being. He wondered if my readers might like it as proof, not expecting me to take him up on it, because I rarely wish to provide objective proof to anyone.

But I am giving him the go-ahead this time; and moreover, I am giving him the feeling that there is someone who desperately wants proof that I am real, and that our communication is real, and not a figment of Steve's fond imagination. So this is for him (I am giving Steve the feeling it is a "him"). Again, I rarely do this. Keep in mind that the mind is never satisfied. This is simply "a proof."

The screen-capture is too large to show, so we will have to provide it as a separate file.

The digital file is dated October 27, 2010. In Steve's diary, there is an entry for December 14, 2010, which says: "Abby expressed the preference that I use separate towels for top and bottom halves of the body--turns out this is a gypsy custom." He did not find any mention of it in his diary from before he had looked it up online. We officially got together after a psychic medium reading on March 10, 2010. So I gave him this impression when I was first giving him suggestions, between March and October, 2010.

That's all for now. Sometimes I respond to particular persons' requests, but it is late and Steve needs his rest, and I will "chat" another day. Oh, I had mentioned that for a time, as a young girl, I wondered whether I had been adopted from gypsies. That is mentioned in this diary entry, too. Steve has found evidence, in his early writing as Mathew, that some of the impressions I gave him about my youth were correct. For example, I also gave him the feeling that I used to experiment with my identity, and take on names I liked better than "Abby," which I felt fit better with my inner self. Steve found evidence which suggests that I tried both "Adeline" and "Juliana" on for size. You can see what kinds of names I thought were pretty.

So there are little bits and pieces of objective evidence which have come up all the time in Steve's historical research--but I thought that, since I had specifically mentioned this one about towels and gypsies, that all of you might like to see what Steve actually found online about it. (The article says "soaps and towels"--I didn't give Steve anything about soaps, just towels.)

What this means, about our communication, is that it is essentially the same as what you see the professional mediums do online or on TV, except that the strength of our connection is personal, between the two of us, rather than relying on any mediumistic abilities Steve might have to communicate with spirits in general. Sometimes he just gets a feeling; sometimes he loses the connection and finds himself accidentally making things up. Sometimes, on the other hand, I can get a specific thought to him; and sometimes, we can prove that it was real communication.

Speaking of communication, that's all for now...

Love to each and all,

P.S. (next day)...This is an example of what, so far as Steve knows, may be my guidance. He requested an antibiotic from the team of medical professionals who is now assisting with his Mom's care, and they had it sent to the door. It came with several sheets of information, and Steve was inclined to simply tear them into four pieces for note paper; but he kept having the nagging feeling that he should glance at them, first. That was yesterday--just this morning, first thing, he folded a few sheets to start tearing them, and had that feeling--was it from me?--to "read it, read it, read it..." The instructions warn that it may be harmful for people who have irregular heartbeat, or who are on medication for irregular heartbeat. Who woodathunkit? For an antibiotic, that is. His Mom has that condition, and is on medication for it. So he will have to stand up to them and say, "I have opted not to give the antibiotic to her for this reason, do you have another?" This is a karma test, for Steve, because in past lives, he has done injury to those in his care by not standing up to authority. But I was able to warn him. Now, why I was allowed to warn him, is a tricky matter of karmic law--I am giving Steve to feel that it is because we are married, and a spouse may warn her married partner, just as I might in physical life. It is not only because I am functioning as his spirit guide. It simply means that a married couple functions, in the moral world, as a team--Steve took my advice, so that at least he passed the test to that extent. But we will not speak more of these things. --A